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ПОЛІТИЗАЦІЯ ЖИТТЯ В КОНТЕКСТІ БІОПОЛІТИКИ: СОЦІАЛЬНО-ФІЛОСОФСЬКИЙ АНАЛІЗ (The politicizing of life in context of biopoliticaUphilosophical analysis)

Шевчук, Д. (D. Shevchuk) (2013) ПОЛІТИЗАЦІЯ ЖИТТЯ В КОНТЕКСТІ БІОПОЛІТИКИ: СОЦІАЛЬНО-ФІЛОСОФСЬКИЙ АНАЛІЗ (The politicizing of life in context of biopoliticaUphilosophical analysis). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія". (Вип.13). pp. 119-124.

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Стаття присвячена проблемі політизації життя в межах сучасної біополітичної парадигми. Звернуто увагу на зв'язок біополітики із органіцистичними концепціями держави. Також у статті здійснено аналіз основних типів біополітики: біополітика як адмінстративні та юридичні регуляції, як танатополітика, як біополітичне виробництво та як імунізація. Окремим аспектом є розгляд питання про вплив біополітики на сучасний публічний простір, що проявляється в феномені метро-полісу (М.Гардт і А. Неґрі). the article is devoted to the problem oj politicizing the lije in the frame oj modern biopolitical paradigm. The politics is determining as management (or manipulation) the biological nature within biopolitical paradigm. Thus the general tendency of political world is politicizing the life. We should also mention the possibility to interpret the biopolitics as a kind of methodological or research perspective in context of analyzing the politics. Author pays attention to the connections between biopolitics and organistic theories of state. The promotion of biopolitics reveals natural conditions ofpolitical life. It's manifested as awareness of the representatives of power that they manage population, and thus the concept of political can be reduced to such concepts as fertility, mortality, growth, health, retirement etc. Also in the present article it's analyzed the main types ofbioplitics: 1) biopolitics as administrative andjuridicial regulations (as example, we can name the regulations concerning the researches of DNA, cloning, pharmaceutic and others); 2) as tanatopolitics (tanatopolitics is the most expressive presentation of negative dimention of biopolitics. The phenomenon of tanatopolitics arises from the biopolitical interpretation of modernity (M. Foucault) and philosophical interpretation of totalitarism (H. Arendt). The idea of tatatopolitics is developing by G. Agamben within his social and philosophical project of homo sacer); 3) as biopolitical production (production method, through which the sociality is produced); and 4) as immunization (in the frame of such comprehension the constant threat of living in the modern world is postulated. It's also stated that to overcome this threat we should use the method of immunization which has understood in biological aspect (protective reaction of the body against disease) and social and juridicial aspect (as the protection of individuals from exposure to certain legal rules)). The particular aspect of the article is analisys of question cocncerning the biopolitical impact on the modern publi space, which is manifesting through the phenomenon of metropolis (M. Hardt, A. Negri).)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет "Острозька академія" (The National University of Ostroh Academy)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Біополітика, життя, політичний світ, танатополітика, біополітичне виробництво, імунізація. (Biopolitics, life,political world, tanatopolitics, biopolitical production, immunization)
Subjects: by fields of science > Politics
Divisions: The College of Humanities > The Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy
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Date Deposited: 14 May 2013 06:53
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