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ОНТОЛОГІЧНІ АСПЕКТИ СУБ'ЄКТНОСТІ В ТВОРЧОМУ ПРОЦЕСІ (Ontological aspects of subjectivity in creativity process)

Білик, Г.(G. Bilyk) (2013) ОНТОЛОГІЧНІ АСПЕКТИ СУБ'ЄКТНОСТІ В ТВОРЧОМУ ПРОЦЕСІ (Ontological aspects of subjectivity in creativity process). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія". (Вип.13). pp. 84-88.

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У тексті розглянуто поняття суб 'єктності в просторі творчості. Творчість розуміється як простір, в якому розгортається буття. Умовно розподіляючи з точки зору онтології, всі підходи можна поділити на позитивні й негативні: такі, що розуміють творчість як дещо, що додає буття або, відповідно, віднімає. Головними концептами стали процесуальність, граматичне прочитання онтологічної модальності (суб'єктність), самість. (The notion of subjectivity in creative space is studied in the text. Subjectivity is understood as an ontological modality a way to be, and also as a place that points to something whose selfness this subjectivity expresses. To show specificity and keep language direction in contemporary philosophizing, the ontological quality of subjectivity is read through a grammar approach. The research introduces the concept of processuality that shows continuity of the creative situation and accentuates its importance. Processuality is introduced into the contemporary philosophy from the post structuralist paradigm and psychoanalytical J. Kristeva's texts. Processuality enables to show better how it is important that models of the existence are variable. Creativity is understood as a space where the being unrolls. If we divide all approaches conditionally from the point of ontology view, we can divide them into positive and negative: such ones that understand creativity as something that adds or, accordingly, subtract the being. The positive approach is shown on the ideas of Neo-Thomism and Marxism of soviet direction. The negative approach is also shown on several opposite approaches regarding creativity: through some thoughts of ancient authors and the conception of French thinker M. Blaunchot. The opposite of views on the creativity process is shown on the example of the attitude towards principled impossibility to finish a creative work (or to implement its acceptable form and contents completely). The process of creativity is studied as a forming process of subjectivity that is reduced to a wish of the full being (or the full destruction). The other concept through which the situation of creativity is studied is a concept of an event in M. Bachtin's understanding. In this approach an event is understood as an increment of the being. Its temporality is conditioned entirely by openness of the notional future therefore the creative process is a place for the event of the being. In the aspect ofprocessuality this unfolding is non-final. The question that anthropologizes the research is "who " of a subject. The research suggests such perspective of understanding that the embodiment of a subject selfness occurs in processuality of subjectivity states. The main concepts are processuality, grammar reading of ontological modality (subjectivity), selfness.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Суб'єкт, творчість, самість, онтологічна модальність. (Subject, creativity, selfness, ontological modality.)
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