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Етичні погляди у філософській системі Гавриїла Костельника {Ethical Theories in the Philosophical System of Gabriel Kostelnik)

Петрук, Я. (Y. Petruk) (2015) Етичні погляди у філософській системі Гавриїла Костельника {Ethical Theories in the Philosophical System of Gabriel Kostelnik). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 79-89.

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На основі аналізу друкованих та рукописних праць Гавриїла Костельника вперше висвітлено його погляди на моральні поняття й проблеми. Продемонстровано, як вони творять цілісну етичну конструкцію в його філософській системі. Подано аргументацію Г. Костельника щодо об’єктивності моральних законів та їх значення для розвитку людини. (Printed works and unpublished manuscripts of Gabriel Kostelnyk (1886-1948), Ukrainian priest and philosopher, are analyzed. His views on moral concepts and problems are presented for the first time. Arguments of G.Kostelnyk about the objectivity of moral laws and their implications for human development are presented. Philosopher’s interpretation of concepts of «inner man», «the perfect man», «natural person», «natural or innate intuition» is clarified. His understanding of the mechanisms which lead to formation of different types of human characters and differences in attitudes is described. The main thought of the philosopher is that everyone creates his own inner life and affects his happiness. Kostelnyk rehabilitated the authority of the human nature. Philosopher considered natural for a man to distinguish human beauty, to care about eternity, to show love to neighbor. He said that implementation of evangelical moral laws should be understood not as a penance but as deification, exaltation of man to God. In his view, the natural moral world of a man is defined by the laws: honor God and do not do to another person that you do not like for yourself. Kostelnyk concluded that God is actually appraised our moral efforts to counter temptations. Philosopher emphasized that moral laws are not a human creature but are the natural immanent laws of the human soul, the laws of human destiny. The main points of his study on contrasts in the world and in life are outlined. He believes that domination of altruistic tendencies in the game of contrasts for harmony in the moral life is necessary. Imagery and accuracy of the philosopher in the theme of patience and sacrifice are shown; they must accompany spiritual growth. The basic idea of the ethical concept of G.Kostelnyk is that people are students of the Creator, the Earth is the school where one may learn on contrasts, may compete, grow spiritually, looking for God, approach to God by following the natural moral laws or degrade neglecting them.)

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