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Подолання комунікативних бар’єрів як запорука фахового успіху

Веремчук, Ю. (Yu. Veremchuk) (2015) Подолання комунікативних бар’єрів як запорука фахового успіху. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.53). pp. 298-300.

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У статті розглядаються особливості та чинники виникнення комінікативних бар’єрів під час вивчення англійської мови студентами технічного напрямку. Метою статті є не узагальнення, а глибше розуміння проблеми. У ній, зокрема, розглядаються роль та значення мотивації та самооцінки студентів в процесі професійної іншомовної підготовки, а також важливість вибору правильної навчальної стратегії для успішного набуття комунікативної компетенції. (This article discusses current issues in language learning that affect learners of foreign languages. As Ukraine is a nonEnglish speaking country, the majority of students develop their English language competence through learning. The limited exposure to English does not allow them to develop their English language competence through acquisition. Since learning English involves both consciousness and effort, students face communicative barriers to successful English as a foreign language learning. Language barriers have little or nothing to do with language learning per se, but everything to do with the «mechanics» of the classroom. In fact, some students do not have overwhelming difficulties with the language, but only with teachers’ failure to recognise what is hindering them from learning as well as they might. Motivation is an important factor influencing language learning success. It is defined the learner’s orientation with regard to the goal of learning a foreign language. Another important factor, which is highly correlated with language barriers, is selfconfidence. It involves judgments and evaluations about one’s own value and work. Self-confidence is negatively influenced when the language learner thinks of oneself as deficient and limited in the target language. For many students tests can create enough anxiety to hinder effective learning. For the benefit of all students teachers should consider carefully whether some of the outcomes which they are currently achieving through testing could be achieved more effectively by other methods. The choice of appropriate learning strategy is also important for overcoming language barriers. Strategy training should be based on students’ attitudes, beliefs and stated needs. Experience shows that where language learners are offered appropriate strategies, courses and effective teaching, they enjoy the experience and are keen to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.)

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