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Интерпретация сущности матери в теории архетипов К.-Г. Юнга (Interpretation of Mother's Essence in the Archetypes of K.-G. Young)

Власова, О. (Vlasova О.) and Макешина, Ю. (Makeshina Y.) (2015) Интерпретация сущности матери в теории архетипов К.-Г. Юнга (Interpretation of Mother's Essence in the Archetypes of K.-G. Young). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Гендерні дослідження"., Вип. 1. pp. 19-26.

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Исследуя культ Великой Матери, Юнг особо отмечает переплетение в нем нескончаемых архетипических структур. Женщина – «естественный» символ жизни – репрезентирована также в мифопоэтической традиции в образе Смерти. Описывая архетип «двойной матери», Юнг связывает его с архетипом «двойного происхождения», лежащего, по Юнгу, в основе всех мистерий Возрождения, включая христианство. (Investigating the cult of «Great Mother», K-H. Young claims the more we study the origin of the «collective images», the more we deal with the complicated mixture of the interminable «archetypical structures». Woman – the «natural» symbol – personifies life, but at the same time the theme of Death is often represented both in the image of a beautiful woman bride and an ugly old witch. K. Young writes about the archetype of «Double Mother», which is connected in his accounts with the archetype of «Double Origin». The latter, in Young’s opinion, lies at the bases of mystery plays of revival, including Christianity. It is worth while mentioning that in the mystical experience represented by quiet a number of women; the human soul is often depicted a female image. It is also important that according to the early Christian tradition the Spirit that emerged in the image of the dove was interpreted as «Sophia-Sapentia» – Wisdom and Mother of God. The fact that mystysism permitted the possibility of women’s immediate knowledge of the transcendental essences of phenomena by means of being in their souls asserted women as the subject of knowledge. On the other hand, this knowledge, being irrational, testifies to the supposition that woman who personifies nature is only capable of «immediate» knowledge. Not having done the work necessary for the deconstruction of the patriarchial oppositions, we are doomed to come back to the images, kept in the fixed stereotypes of patriarchy.)

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