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History of Printing the Qur'an in Europe

Yakubovych, М. (2016) History of Printing the Qur'an in Europe. 2016, بحوث: "ندوة طباعة القرآن الكريم ونشره بين الواقع والمأمول", المدينة المورة , مجمع الملك فهد للطباعة المصحف الشريف. pp. 51-74.

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Abstract Medieval to back goes an’Qur Glorious the of knowledge European from) 1143, Ketton of Robert by (translation Latin first the when, Ages a become itself text Arabic the, However. prepared was Arabic the three, century 17th of end the by only; later centuries study of subject ,Hamburg, 1538/1537, Venice (appeared original Arabic the of editions .(1698, Padova and 1694 European of exploration depth-in to dedicated is research Our main The. an’Qur Glorious the of text Arabic include which, editions this in trends current and historical some show to is study our of aim in accuracy, texts these of sources the to attention special with, issue.elements necessary other and typesetting, reprinting, part first The. parts four into study our divided we, this of view In review and sources research of outline an includes, introductory is which Orientalistic old the to dedicated is part second The. literature related of the of editions covers part third The. an’Qur Glorious the of editions explores part fourth The. 1787 since Russia in printed an’Qur Glorious present which, centuries 21th and 20th the of editions European main. translations with along text Arabic the in an’Qur Glorious the of printing the in trends main, conclusion In.quality its of basis the on evaluated is edition Every. shown are Europ

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