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Критична соціальна філософія освіти і перспективи демократичної інституалізації систем суспільства (Critical social philosophy of education and prospects for the institutionalization of democratic systems of society)

Зінченко, В. (V. Zinchenko) (2014) Критична соціальна філософія освіти і перспективи демократичної інституалізації систем суспільства (Critical social philosophy of education and prospects for the institutionalization of democratic systems of society). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 18-26.

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Розглядається модель «критичної соціальної філософії освіти», втілена в програми суспільного розвитку і навчання, які перш за все покликані навчити людей провадити самостійне й оригінальне дослідження себе, соціуму й системи знань. Водночас обґрунтовується, що ці моделі та програми не мають бути відірвані ані від індивідуально-колективної системи моральних і соціальних цінностей, теоретико-прикладного навчання, ані від подальшого застосування набутих цінностей, норм і навичок у повсякденному житті, науці чи на виробництві, у сфері усіх соціальних інститутів (Consider a model of «critical social philosophy of education», as embodied in the programs of social development and learning, which are primarily designed to teach people how to lead an independent and original research themselves, society and knowledge systems. However, it is proved that the models and programs should not be cut off from any individual and the collective system of moral and social values , theoretical and applied training, nor from further use of the acquired values, norms and skills in everyday life, science, or in production, sphere of all social institutions. The critical social philosophy of formation aspires to update the humanised maintenance and sense of formation not for introduction of values of the industrial capital and high technologies, but, first of all, for radical democratisation of formation for the purpose of achievement of the progressive purposes, that research that will promote development of the person, civilisation and community, social justice and strengthening of democratic participation in all versions of a life. Formation should be reconstructed to the decision of tasks of technical revolution, but at the same time we should recognise, that in the globalized world there is a menacing growing inequality, conflicts and dangers, therefore, to make formation corresponding to a modern situation, it should investigate and solve and these problems. Changes in sphere of democratisation of formation should solve these problems and make formation by public institute in interests of the social majority as it and representatives of modern critical social philosophy of formation and critical, radical pedagogics offer. Globalisation and technological revolution should be used for radical reorganisation of formation and maintenance for representatives of social philosophy of formation and radical pedagogics of educational conditions that they could offer the models of pedagogics and reconstruction of formation for its service of democracy and to progressive social changes. Though also it is necessary to criticise rigidly neoliberal models, also important at the same time and to offer them alternatives. Thus, it is necessary to accompany demand for new knowledge and reorganisation of formation with the program of its democratisation. Comprehension of these lessons of global development is necessary as for theoretical judgement of today’s prospects of a world progressive policy in whole and in an education sphere in particular, and for practical attempts to change our world to the best in interests of the public majority)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: критична соціальна філософія освіти, демократична освіта, педагогіка пригноблених, критична свідомість, глобалізація, громадянське суспільство (critical social philosophy of education, democratic education, pedagogy of the oppressed, critical consciousness, globalization, civil society)
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