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Онтологічний статус поняття «простір освіти» (Ontological Status of the Notion «Space of Education»)

Коновальчук, В. (V. Konovalchuk) (2015) Онтологічний статус поняття «простір освіти» (Ontological Status of the Notion «Space of Education»). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 54-59.

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Стаття присвячена науково-теоретичному аналізу поняття «простір освіти» на основі виявлення семантичного наповнення інтегрованих у ньому змістів вихідних компонентів «простір» та «освіта». Представлена спроба аналізу історичного становлення досліджуваних понять та визначальних параметрів простору освіти: фрактальність, творчо-розвивальний характер, рефлективність, довірчий характер, які є основою розкриття та розвитку самобутнього творчого потенціалу особистості. (The article is devoted to scientific theoretical analysis of the notion «education space» on the basis of semantic content revealing of the integrated senses of the original components «space» and «education». The digression from the understanding of the essence of educational processes as the educational path of movement or linear determined way the personality must move on due to the norms and regulations in learning could be traced in modern philosophy of education. It anticipates the change of the values of modern education, the search for the new constructive approaches to the implementation, change of view point on the essence of some basic notions. The philosophical approach aims at scientific reflection of the semantic content of the notions «space» and «education», making definition of ontological status of the notion «education space» in the context of the important up to date philosophy of education problems. The historic investigations of the phenomenon «space» due to epistemological aspect helped reveal some its peculiarities: space is unavailable for direct sense perception and is imagined by a person in connection with material objects situated in it. The more complete picture of the surrounding world is formed from their differentiated abundance every time with the development of psychic processes on the initial stage of learning. The space is understood as the unity of the phenomenon of being where the term «phenomenon» is understood as the direct representation of a thing in the process of sense perception and its quality content is the defining feature. The notion «education» derived from «enlightenment» which originally meant just «light.The semantic omnitude of the notion «light» with the existence of such characteristics as: radiance, creation, unity and purposefulness is valuable for our research. It is a common knowledge that symbolically light, brightness, radiance, white colour are the reflection of positive content, goodness. The space of education must be naturally understood as a symbolic space which mediates the connection between macro- and micro-space. The space of education is to be considered a fractal of the Universe (cosmic) space where different objects interact and define the character of education. The characteristic feature of educational space is natural, harmonic, creative and developing dynamics. Reflection is the sense centre of educational space existence. The unity and absoluteness of educational space expansion and development of creative personality in it is based on trust.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Освітній простір, простір освіти, простір, освіта, світло, розвиток, фрактальність, рефлексивність, довіра (Educational space, education space, light, development, fractality, reflexivity, trust)
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