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Кризис гендерной идентичности в нарративах и дискурсах постмодерна (The Crisis of Gender Identity in the Arratives and Discourses of Postmodernism)

Власова, Т. (Vlasova T.) (2015) Кризис гендерной идентичности в нарративах и дискурсах постмодерна (The Crisis of Gender Identity in the Arratives and Discourses of Postmodernism). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Гендерні дослідження"., Вип. 1. pp. 10-18.

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Взаимодействие «Я» с различными проектами личности базируется на нормах особого интерпретативного «репертуара». Рефлексивное «Я» («Self») определяется как процесс, в котором гендерная идентичность конструируется посредством рефлексивного порядка «сэлф»-нарративов. (The dramatic changes in the world’s culture, politics, and economy have had an essential impact on the deep structures of an individual’s «Self», whatever gender it might be. The interconnection of «Self» with other individuals’ projects is based on the norms of special interpretative «repertoire». The reflexive «Self» is defined as a process in which gender identity is being constructed by means of the reflexive order of «Self»-narratives. A person – man or woman – is said to be «an animal telling stories», so to be human means to possess «a history» and to tell it. The most fundamental internal cultural «history», interacting with all the other cultural narratives, is a narrative of gender. Of great importance is the way in which gender enters the narrative of «Self» and determines it. As an example of the narrative including many gender histories the novel «In One Person» by J. Irving is analysed. The novel about love and social education, «In One Person» is a narrative of gender/sexual identity including all the key discourses of sexuality in the end of the XX th century. One of the most vivid examples at the beginning of the new millennium is Lady Gaga, a symbol for a new kind of feminism, the cultural practices for a new generation. Researchers stress that Lady Gaga as both a media product and a media manipulator has become the vehicle for innovative deployments of femininity representing it by pop performances characterized by their excess, their loss of control and a «maverick» sense of bodily identity. The latter is one more evidence of the importance of the very problem of gender identity: gender references interfere not only with social categories but also with the deep-conscious «I», culturally constructed «Self» of an individual – both man and woman)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет "Острозька академія" (The National University of Ostroh Aсademy)
Uncontrolled Keywords: идентичность, гендер, «сэлф», нарратив, перформативность, цитация, репрезентация, «gaga» – феминизм (identity, gender, self, narrative, performance, citation, representation, gaga feminism)
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