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Болгарская семья Бессарабии сквозь призму гендерных исследований (сер. XІХ – нач. XХ в.) (The Bulgarian Family of Bessarabia in the Light of Gender)

Докіна, С. (Dokina S.) (2015) Болгарская семья Бессарабии сквозь призму гендерных исследований (сер. XІХ – нач. XХ в.) (The Bulgarian Family of Bessarabia in the Light of Gender). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Гендерні дослідження"., Вип. 1. pp. 47-54.

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Целью представленной статьи является выявление особенностей гендерного поведения в среде болгарских переселенцев юга Бессарабии середины XIX – начала ХХ века. Проанализовано неоднозначное отношение к женщине: с одной стороны она равноправный член семейства, помощница и советчица при решении важных дел, а с другой – подчиняется правилам и нормам патриархальной культуры. (The purpose of the article is revelation of gender behavior peculiarities among Bulgarian migrants from the South of Bessarabia (the middle of XIX – the beginning of ХХ). There was a rule in the family of Bulgarian migrants: the wife had to obey her husband. She actively took part in all the spheres of the family life and was occupied with a lot of household duties. She could advise her husband in decision making, but her position, however, was submissive. Everyday life of a Bulgarian woman from the South of Bessarabia during the indicated period was strictly regulated: her household chores included all the work about the house and vegetable garden, she had to wash her husband’s feet when he came home after work, she could not get across a man’s way, etc. A lot of taboos were invented on bearing a child. Despite submissive position the Bulgarians, nevertheless, admitted the importance of a woman in the family. Elderly women were especially respected and their pieces of advice were considered to be very useful. So we can notice ambivalent attitude to a woman. On one hand, she enjoys equal rights, helps and advises her husband in decision making. On the other hand, she has to do some humiliating jobs like washing her husband’s feet, taking off his boots, remembering her place in the family.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет "Острозька академія" (The National University of Ostroh Aсademy)
Uncontrolled Keywords: гендерное соотношение, болгарские переселенцы, положение болгарской женщины, патриархальная семья (gender proportion, Bulgarian migrants, the status of a Bulgarian woman, a patriarchal family)
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