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Роль психологічних факторів у процесі навчання іноземної мови (Role of psychological factors in learning foregn languages)

Мігірін, П. (P. Mihirin) (2016) Роль психологічних факторів у процесі навчання іноземної мови (Role of psychological factors in learning foregn languages). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.61). pp. 192-195.

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У статті досліджуються деякі аспекти педагогічної психології у процесі навчання іноземної мови студентів немовних спеціальностей. (The article deals with some aspects of pedagogical psychology in learning foreign languages of non-linguistic specialities students. In a number of their works the Ukrainian and foreign scholars take into consideration the problems of skills and professionalism of educational activities and, in particular, the issues of educational psychology and didactics concerning the optimal organization of the process of learning foreign languages in accordance with modern requirements and the actual conditions of foreign language teaching of professional direction. The researchers worked out the theoretical bases of studies that involve the development of intellectual, volitional, emotional and motivational spheres of personality. They found out that teaching a foreign language in high school is closely linked with the rational use of psycho-physiological theory of memory. The success of the speech processes depends on wellestablished long-term and operational memory, and which should be developed in learning a foreign language. Motivational factor occupies an important place among the necessary conditions for the organization of effective teaching process. It is proved that positive emotions as an important component in the structure of human mental activity is one of the most effective means to encourage students to learn. The current teacher in organizing the educational process should be the regulator of the spiritual world of students and promote further skills improvement in a foreign language. Special studies have shown that learning a foreign language as a means of intercultural communication is an effective tool of knowledge stimulation and students creativity demonstration. Our studies affirm that activation of thinking reinforces the work of attention, memory, and saturation of foreign language classes content with socio-cultural information stimulates cognitive and communicative motivation, thereby activating the mental abilities of students, including the operations of analysis, synthesis, mental planning and reflection.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет водного господарства та природокористування
Uncontrolled Keywords: Дидактика, психологія, запам’ятовування, слухова пам’ять, мотивація, позитивні емоції, психічні процеси, мовленнєві навички (Didactics, psychology, memorizing, aural memory, motivation, positive emotions, psychiatrical processes, speech skills)
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