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Роль святых Кирилла и Мефодия в становлении православно-славянской культуры (The role of saints cyril and methodius in the formation of the orthodox slavonic culture)

Кралюк, П. (P. Kraliuk) and Смирнов, А. (A. Smyrnov) (2017) Роль святых Кирилла и Мефодия в становлении православно-славянской культуры (The role of saints cyril and methodius in the formation of the orthodox slavonic culture). Вестник Томского государственного университета (№416). pp. 107-112.

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Рассматривается основная культурная деятельность святых Кирилла и Мефодия, которая осуществлялась за пределами русских земель, однако имела для них значительные последствия. Здесь со временем утвердилась старославянский письменность, появились книги, переведенные на старославянский язык. Авторы считают, что Константин и Мефодий стали одним из первых мостиков, которые связали давнюю Болгарию с Русью, заложили основу для элитарной православнославянской культуры, которая имела распространение в Восточной Европе и на Балканах в период Средневековья. (The authors focus their attention on Constantine-Cyril, “Apostle to the Slavs” and the creator of the first Slavic alphabet. In Chersonese he found the relicts of one of the first Christian Martyres, the fourth Pope Clement. Constantine had brought the part of relicts to Moravia and later moved them to Rome, where they were placed at the St. Clement Church, the site of Constantine’s burial. In 860–861, Constantine found himself in the Kingdom of Khazars, where he tried to convert the citizens of this nation to Christianity. Constantine’s stay at the Northern Black Sea coast, namely in Chersonese, became an introduction to his mission in Moravia that began in 862. Great Moravia did not manage to become the main cultural centre of the Slavic Orthodox world, which happened due to different circumstances, especially because of the pressure by German Catholics. After the death of Constantine and Methodius, their successors, who were persecuted, had to flee the land and move to Bulgaria. Although solunian brothers did their cultural activity mainly outside the borders of Slavic lands, it played an important role there. Here with time approved Old-Slavonian written language into the world came books translated into Old-Slavonian language. The study proved that Constantine and Methodius was played high tribute in Kyiv Rus. The activities of the Thessalonica brothers were described in detail in The Tale of Bygone Years. Besides, fifty scrolls of The Life of Cyril were preserved. All in all, this hagiographic work had its roots in Ancient Rus. Constantine made a significant contribution to the establishment of Saint Clement’s cult, which was much revered in Kyiv. The Thessalonica brothers translated texts of not only liturgical, but also of religious and philosophical style. Constantine was also an author of original treatises. According to hagiographic literature, in 863 Constantine devised the Slavonic alphabet for the Moravians. Possibly this was the Glagolitic alphabet as the Cyrillic one was created later in Bulgaria. A great merit of Constantine and Methodius was the regulation of the written form of the Slavonic language. Accordingly, these facts give reasons to believe that the Thessalonica brothers, who were probably of Bulgarian origin, were involved in the Old Rus culture. They became one of the first bridges that connected ancient Bulgaria with Rus and laid the foundation of the elite Orthodox and Slavonic culture which was widespread on the territory of Eastern Europe and Balkans in the Middle Ages.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Кирилл и Мефодий; Херсонес; хазары; Повесть временных лет; старославянский язык (Cyril and Methodius; Chersonese; Khazars; the Tale of Bygone Years; Church Slavonic)
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