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Потенциал кластерных механизмов как ресурс развития сферы образования в условиях децентрализации власти

Любченко, Н. В. (N. Liubchenko) (2017) Потенциал кластерных механизмов как ресурс развития сферы образования в условиях децентрализации власти. Educational and Philological Sciences. pp. 238-242.

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В статье описываются взгляды современных ученых на определение понятий «кластер», «кластерный механизм», обосновывается актуальность применения потенциала кластерных механизмов в управлении образованием в условиях децентрализации власти. Раскрывается авторский взгляд относительно кластерной интеграции субъектов образования, науки и производственной сферы и ее значения в управлении образованием, роли образовательных кластеров в повышении конкурентоспособности территорий. (The article covers the aspects of increasing interest of foreign and domestic researchers to the problem of cluster philosophy as a reserve and a factor of economic modernization, activation of innovative activity, increasing competitiveness of territories in conditions of transition to a model of society with socially oriented economy market and developed democracy. The views of modern researchers on the essential characteristics of the concepts of «cluster», «cluster mechanism», «educational cluster», «academic and educational cluster» are analyzed in the article. For example, the University of Educational Management reveals the author›s view of academic and educational сluster as a form of cluster integration of subjects of education, science and production sphere, the cluster forming core of which is University. The relevance of use of cluster potential mechanisms in the administration of education in terms of authority’s decentralization, strengthening of civil society, defi ned by the National Strategy for Civil Society Development in Ukraine in 2016–2020, is substantiated in the article. Development of academic and methodological, legal basis of mechanisms of educational public administration based on the cluster approach in terms of social transformations, development of proposals as for legal framework for cluster formation mechanisms of interaction of subjects of management, education, science and production sphere in terms of educational management decentralization is determined as expected systemic results of their application.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: ГВУЗ «Университет менеджмента образования»
Uncontrolled Keywords: Потенциал, кластер, кластерный механизм, децентрализация власти, децентрализация управления образования, образовательный округ, образовательный кластер, научно-образовательный кластер (Potential, cluster, cluster mechanism, authority’s decentralization, decentralization of administration of education, educational area, educational cluster, academic and educational cluster)
Subjects: by fields of science > Education
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Date Deposited: 14 Nov 2017 14:06
Last Modified: 14 Nov 2017 14:06

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