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Інструменти активізації підприємницького середовища на мезорівні (Entrepreneurship environment activation tools at mesolevel)

Сментина, Наталя (Nataliia Smentyna) and Доброва, Наталя (Natalia Dobrova) (2019) Інструменти активізації підприємницького середовища на мезорівні (Entrepreneurship environment activation tools at mesolevel). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Економіка» : науковий журнал (12(40)). pp. 35-41. ISSN 2311-5149

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У статті зосереджено увагу на підприємницькому середовищі як чиннику економічного зростання і соціальноекономічного розвитку країни та її адміністративно-територіальних утворень. Визначено ключові елементи підприємницького середовища. Представлено групування чинників підприємницького середовища за низкою класифікаційних ознак. Деталізовано чинники мікро-, мезо-, макро- та мега підприємницького середовища. Проаналізовано основні показники, що характеризують розвиток підприємництва в регіонах України. Запропоновані інструменти активізації підприємницького середовища на мезорівні. (Entrepreneurship development at mesolevel is an important factor for local economic development. Therefore, the tools of state regulatory policy at mesolevel that provide entrepreneurship support occupy a leading place among the instruments of local economic development. The article deals with the theoretical and methodological aspects of entrepreneurship environment and main possible tools for its activation at mesolevel. Main tasks aimed at achieving the goal of the article are to find out the essence of entrepreneurship environment, to identify the key elements that shape the entrepreneurship environment’s structure, to analyze the entrepreneurship environment and to identify the tools for its activation at mesolevel of the country. Entrepreneurial environment is a set of conditions that are being created in society and affected by the entrepreneurial activity development and functioning. Creation and effective functioning of business entities is being determined by the conditions that are being established in the state that enable entrepreneurs to succeed in achieving their goals, in implementing entrepreneurial projects and making a profit. The environment in which entrepreneurial activity is being carried out can be imagined in the form of an economic system, main elements of which can be represented in the context of four components of the entrepreneurship environment such as micro-, meso, macro- and mega entrepreneurship environment. Micro entrepreneurship environment is the mechanism of entity’s viability providing self-reliance. The meso entrepreneurship environment is the immediate environment of the entity. Macro entrepreneurship environment is a common market environment characterized by a combination of conditions and factors that affect the development of entrepreneurship in the country and act independently of the entrepreneurs will. Mega entrepreneurship environment is the foreign policy of the country and foreign states, economic, scientific and technical cooperation between different states, the level of customs duties, as well as elements of the external environment in foreign countries. Activation of entrepreneurship environment at mesolevel requires the implementation of a set of measures. These events are being grouped within six areas. The main tools groups are deregulation, changes in the entrepreneurship regulatory field, financial and credit policy, economy demonopolization, formation of a system of information and consulting services for entrepreneurship at mesolevel and supporting of small and medium enterprises in the field of training for business management.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Одеський національний економічний університет (Odessa National Economic University)
Uncontrolled Keywords: підприємницьке середовище, мікросередовище, мезосередовище, макросередовище, мегасередовище (entrepreneurial environment, microenvironment, mesoenvironment, macroenvironment, megaenvironment)
Subjects: by fields of science > Economics
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Date Deposited: 09 Sep 2019 11:55
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