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Politicization of history: terms, methods, significance

Yaremchuk, V. P. (2019) Politicization of history: terms, methods, significance. Relevant research of historical sciences : collective monograph. pp. 280-297.

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The article is dedicated to the problem of politicization of professional history writing. Through the lens of the world historiographic tradition, such components of the problem as the definition of the category “politicized history”, methods and meanings of politicization of history writing, the possibilities and obstructions of history writing from the nonpolitical perspective, were analyzed. In the author’s opinion, the politicized history should be regarded as such historical representation, which has a purpose of supporting (voluntarily or forcefully, directly or indirectly) actual or desired political order. Insertion of historians’ political proclivities in the historical representations without a clear sense of purpose “to correct” the today’s world or the future order cannot be considered politicization of history as the historians’ values are incorporated in the research process itself, and in this case, any professional historiography should be considered politicized. The article showed that there are various forms of politicized history and that they have different relations to historiography, which is commonly believed to be scientific. The politicization of the historical text itself does not necessarily confirm the loss of its connection with science. The author proves that historians are capable of excluding their political ideals and eliminating the current politics from historical research. On the other hand, the historians’ abilities to keep control over texts of the past, free from civil interests of the present day, are limited as the results of their professional work (scientific texts) come into the view of not only scientific but also political broadcast as well as political actions and projects without their permission, thus becoming politically engaged. With this respect, nonpoliticized history writing is impossible.

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