ДІАЛЕКТИКА СПРИЙМАННЯ І МИСЛЕННЯ ЯК ЕСТЕТИЧНИЙ ФЕНОМЕН. (The dialectics ofperception and thinking as an aesthetic phenomenon.)

Савчин, Г. (G. Savchyn) (2013) ДІАЛЕКТИКА СПРИЙМАННЯ І МИСЛЕННЯ ЯК ЕСТЕТИЧНИЙ ФЕНОМЕН. (The dialectics ofperception and thinking as an aesthetic phenomenon.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 89-93.

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У статті здійснено філософський аналіз характеру взаємодії чуттєвого й раціонального, сприймання і мислення в процесі предметно-практичної діяльності відповідно до естетичного виміру реальності. Естетичне розуміється як закономірний історичний процес переходу об'єктивності чуттєвого сприймання в суб'єктивність мислення і навпаки.
(The author of the article explicates the interactive character of the sensual and rational, perception and thinking in the process of objective and practical activities in accordance with the aesthetic dimension of reality. The concept aesthetic designates a natural historic process of transition from objective sensual perception to subjective thinking and vice versa.
The investigation has been carried out on the basis of generalization of the aesthetic by German classical philosophers (I. Kant, G.W.F. Hegel) as well as the theses of philosophical dialectics of the 20th century in E.V. Ilyenkov's, A.S. Kanarsky's, F.T. Mikhailov's and G.V. Lobastov's works. It has been identified that both the ability to perceive the world in various modes of human sensuality and think conceptually to conform to the rules and categories of logic and dialectics are specifically human modes of reality reflection; without perception of the culture of human sensuality, it is impossible to understand the content and sense of various modes of human conscience, such as science, morality, politics etc.; both the dialectic identity and contradiction of the aesthetic and sensual concepts do not only reflect a person's attitude to a certain thing, its qualities and characteristic features, but also to himself/herself, the aim and sense of human existence.
Reflecting objective reality, the aesthetic is embodied in certain historic ways and modes of subjective activity and mirrors practical forms of the human exploration of the world. The theory of development and the logic of the aesthetic can be perceived only as the dialectics of the aesthetic process and theory ofsensual perception as such. The concept of the aesthetic embodies the objective and the subjective that present the dialectic modes of its existence.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Свідомість, пізнання, мислення, сприймання, чуттєве сприймання, діяльність, діалектика сприймання та мислення. (Сonscience, perception, sensual perception, activity, dialectics of perception and thinking.)
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