ПРЕДМЕТ І МЕТОДОЛОГІЧНА ОРІЄНТАЦІЯ ЕСТЕТИКИ СТАНІСЛАВА ОССОВСЬКОГО. (The subject and methodological orientation of Stanislav Ossowski's aesthetics.)

Шевчук, К. (К. Shevchuk) (2013) ПРЕДМЕТ І МЕТОДОЛОГІЧНА ОРІЄНТАЦІЯ ЕСТЕТИКИ СТАНІСЛАВА ОССОВСЬКОГО. (The subject and methodological orientation of Stanislav Ossowski's aesthetics.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 161-165.

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Статтю присвячено аналізові основних аспектів естетичної концепції С. Оссовського. Основну увагу автор звертає визначенню предмета і методологічної орієнтації концепції польського естетика, його розумінню поняття мистецтво, розрізненню автотелічного і гетеротелічного мистецтва, значення його позаестетичних функцій.
(The article is devoted to the analysis of the main aspects of Stanislav Ossowski's aesthetical theory. Author pays attention to the definition of subject and methodological orientation of aesthetics. It's also analysed the concept of art, distinction of the autotelic and heterotelic art, value of its non-aesthetical functions.
S. Ossowski presents not systematic, but analytical philosophical tradition. He critisizes the metaphisical and speculative aesthetics and prefers to use the empirical methods of investigation. That's why the author states the evolution to the sociology of art in Ossowski's works.
Ossowski can be presented as suppoter of wide comprehesion os aesthetical subject. He protests against reduction of aesthetical subject to philosophy of art. In his opinion the aesthetics is interesting in two things: beautiful and art.
The important aspect of present article concerns the reflections about essence of beautiful and aesthetical experience. In this context it's also analyzed the problems of aesthetical creation.
In Ossowski's opinion the concept of art is not identical to some particular form of artistic creation. This concept concerns the awareness of specific values and formation of artist as socially important man.
S. Ossowski states that such concepts as art, artist, creation are new products of our culture. In the primitive societies the art was not defined as separate sphere. It manifested in different spheres of human life.
The artistic creation is seen as the mostfree form of cultural life. But the position of art is strongly defined by social functions which have non-aesthetical character. Ossowski's conception of aesthetics cocnerns the sociology of art and pays attention to the art and its heterotelic functions.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Eстетика, методологічна орієнтація, позаестетичні функції, автотелічне та гетеротелічне мистецтво. (Aesthetics, methodological orientation, non-aesthetical functions, autotelic and heterotelic art.)
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