Дифузія простору. Комунікативний дисонанс (Diffusion of Space. The Communicative Discord)

Вишинський, С. (S. Vyshynskyi) (2015) Дифузія простору. Комунікативний дисонанс (Diffusion of Space. The Communicative Discord). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 3-6.

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У статті розглядаються проблеми становлення мережевого простору як способу постмодернового переформатування реальності, наголошується фундаментальна зміна онтологічної ситуації, пов’язана з науково-технічним прогресом. Підкреслюються дійсні негативні наслідки і вірогідні загрози зміни онтологічного статусу людини у віртуальному просторі, перспективи нової етики й нової антропології.
(The article deals with the problems of network space and its development as the mode of postmodern reformatting of
reality. The author underlines the fundamental modification of present ontological situation – the fact he connects with
a contemporary scientific and technological progress. At the same time the article shows some actual negative consequences and probable threats of the alteration of human mind, human corporality and ontological status of human being within virtual space. The author speaks about prospects of new ethics and new anthropology in the postmoderm society, the possibility of knowledge and knowing in this thought paradigm. Though he acknowledges destructive influence of the Web and hi-tech on culture and communication, there are still ways for preservation of unique real identity within the virtual Matrix – that come out from denial of monistic metaphysics and new philosophic interpretation of gnostic mythology.
In this context the duplication of reality is closely connected to individual emancipation as freedom is seen and
interpreted in terms of distinction and preservation of the self. That signifies some modernist aspects that cannot be eliminated from the postmodern cultural discourse as they are defining for humanity. Still they can be effectively suppressed or manipulated by social and technological means, turning the acts of communication into acts of self-denunciation and subjection to the dominant political and philosophic discourse, that is self-repeating and self-regenerating circulation of meaningless data consisting of human knowledge and emotions. Thus the concept of «the spectacle» in a modified interactive manner can be used to describe the contemporary state of the Western society – at the same time indicating the concept of «seriousness» as its opposition and means for re-establishing of «normal» ontological proportions.)

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Ідентичність, реальність, віртуальність, монізм, плюралізм, постмодерн (Identity, reality, virtuality, monism, pluralism, postmodernity)
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