Особливості розвитку гендерних лінгвістичних досліджень в Україні й закордоном

Маслова, Ю. П. (Yu. Maslova) (2015) Особливості розвитку гендерних лінгвістичних досліджень в Україні й закордоном. Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.57). pp. 100-105.

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У статті описано особливості розвитку гендерних лінгвістичних досліджень в Україні та закордоном, виокремлено основні релевантні напрями гендерних студій, проаналізовано гендерну специфіку мови.
(The peculiarities of development of gender Ukrainian and world investigations have been described; the
main relevant tendencies of gender researches have been distinguished; the gender specify of language has
been analyzed.
The main attention is paid to formation and intensification of the linguistic gender researches during second half of XX century. It is connected with postmodern changes of scientific paradigm in the humanity
sphere. The new aspect of gender investigations in the linguistics has been distinguished such as the language
reflection of gender identity of both sexes, that is how do person apprehends himself and determines his social role and how do the society apprehends it no only.
The classification of linguistic gender researches is something prearranged however all this tendencies
have many common features because all groups have similar problems and research object such as the
language and sex relations. The main aid of such scientific investigations is the description and explanation of masculine and feminine manifestations in the language, the explication of estimates and prevailing
semantic spheres ascribing to men and women.
The some opinion on the transsexuality, transgender, intersex, transvestism, gender queer does not now.
The transsexual’s language behavior is unstudied nowadays. Some researches affirm that sexual minorities
deport themselves as the men and they used the masculinism, when they have to solve the financial and
business problems (for example, bank operations), but they used the feminine language peculiarities when
they want to bewitch or tempt their interlocutor.)

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