Образ жінки у жіночому глянцевому журналі «PINK» (Image of women in the women’s glossy magazine «PINK»)

Мазярчук, Т. (T. Maziarchuk ) (2017) Образ жінки у жіночому глянцевому журналі «PINK» (Image of women in the women’s glossy magazine «PINK»). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Гендерні дослідження» (Вип.3). pp. 114-121.

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У статті авторка аналізує образи жінок, трансльовані
жіночим глянцевим журналом «PINK». І створює їх класифікацію відповідно до фінансового, еротичного й вольового критеріїв. Розглядається вплив соціуму на формування образів.
(The objective of this article is to analyze the woman representation in the women’s glossy magazine «PINK». Author classifies images in accordance with financial, erotic and volitional criteria; explores the impact of society on formation of images. Author singles out these women’s images: – dominant woman (she controls her life and her partner’s life, but against her will, because of circumstances forced to do so, including her partner who does not perform his man’s functions);
– freedom-loving woman (she wants to be independent from
the views of society, financially independent from her husband or she does not want to marry. This image is the most advantageous for magazine’s readers);
– woman-temptress, Circe (she is constantly looking for new lover);– decent girl (she never allow too much for herself);
– a kept woman, dependent woman (she lives for someone
else’s money). Author argues that these images can not be unambiguously called positive or negative. However, it is fully justified by modern social realities. The image of woman-mother in «PINK» magazine almost not represented. Perhaps this is because the image of freedom-loving women appeared. She just does not want to get married, create a family, and have children. In addition, most authors are unmarried women, and they do not want to write about children. And, obviously, the main reason is the actual audience of the magazine – too young for have children)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Жіночий глянцевий журнал «PINK», ґендер, образ жінки, стереотип, аудиторія (Women’s glossy magazine «PINK», gender, image of women, stereotype, audience)
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