Моделиране на тренировьчните занятия в личната защита (Modeling of the training exercises in self defence)

Къчев, О. (O. Kchev) (2017) Моделиране на тренировьчните занятия в личната защита (Modeling of the training exercises in self defence). Development of Jurisprudence Problems and Prospects. pp. 63-65.

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The detailed study of technique and tactics is one of the main tasks of the training course of self-defense using techniques from different martial arts. This process is usually composed on the basis of methodological principles and practicable in particular training methods that duly refl ect the specifi cs and peculiarities of the competition in martial sports as an element of single physical self-defense. The requirements for traditional martial arts such as judo, karate, aikido, jujitsu, sambo, wrestling, boxing, etc., which techniques are the basis of self-defense, provide complex preparation that lasts for a long time (months / years); the application of a variety of techniques in extreme situations that occur in life. These techniques are more refi ned and do not rely on big muscles, but on the speed, agility and accuracy of performance; work with and against cool and fi rearms; working with opponents of different weight categories, respectively, with different body structure and qualities; serious psycho-physical training and methods that are not familiar to the general public; motivation for survival and lifestyle. Being the main methods and methods for improving skills and habits, learners use, above all, specific modeling from different sides of combinations, on the basis of which special training individual assignments for personal protection are developed.

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