Конфіскація майна як вид покарання (Confiscation of property as a type of punishment)

Ющик, О. І. (O. Yushchyk) (2017) Конфіскація майна як вид покарання (Confiscation of property as a type of punishment). Development of Jurisprudence Problems and Prospects. pp. 147-149.

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Стаття присвячена кримінально-правовій характеристиці конфіскації майна, як виду додаткового покарання передбаченого в Кримінальному кодексі України. Визначено, що конфіскація майна – це примусове безоплатне вилучення у
власність держави всього або частини майна, яке є у власності засудженого. Проаналізовано основні характерні ознаки конфіскації майна та особливості його застосування.
(The complex of theoretical and practical problems concerning regulation and realization of punishment as property confiscation according to national criminal legislation is analyzed in the article.
The purpose of the study is to analyze, based on the analysis of the provisions of criminal law, the legal framework, judicial practice, which regulate the confi scation of property to defi ne the concept, content, characteristics, purpose of the use of this type of
punishment.The punishment of confiscation consists in forceful seizure of all, or a part, property of a convicted person without compensation in favor of the State. Where a part of property is to be forfeited, a court shall specify which part is to be forfeited or name the things
to be forfeited.Confiscation of property shall be imposed for grave and special grave offenses with mercenary motives and shall only be appliedin cases specifically provided for in the Special Part of this Code.The list of property exempt from forfeiture shall be determined by the law of Ukraine.
The article focuses on the analysis of existing approaches to the Expediency of Existence and social legal conditionality of such a form of criminal penalty as confi scation of property.The peculiarity of this type is that it is intended only in cases specifically foreseen in the special part of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is recommended that the courts pay attention to the confiscation of property as a compulsory or optional additional punishment. The court should discuss the issue of the use of an optional form of punishment and, in case of a positive decision, motivate its decision. Confiscation of property as a form of additional punishment has a number of shortcomings and needs improvement. But there are many arguments in favor of its application: it is an effective means of combating crime, especially mercenary-violent; has
a preventive function of mercenary crimes, promotes the individualization of punishment. )

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