Characteristics of business culture of Georgia and it influence on development of national style of management

Baratashvili, E. and Chechelashvili, M. and Gechbaia, B. (2017) Characteristics of business culture of Georgia and it influence on development of national style of management. Public Management and Administration. pp. 152-154.

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Decision making characteristics depends on the culture of the Country. For example: European tradition consists of considering the experience of old entrepreneur and professional management, solving the decisions in details and orienting on its quality. American managers are oriented on future perspectives; they are more quickly making the decisions and give important to the fact of decision itself instead of documenting it. This characteristic is more valued in countries of Latin America where the subordinates are looking for quick right decision making from their authorities. Georgian management have tendency that is neutralized by irrational results of decision making. It can be expressed with the following words “Wait and see”. Georgian skips the cardinal measurements for solving
the serious problem and gives priority to the palliative decision making. One of the main aspects of the management style represents its democratic quality. One division represents authority decision (jointly democracy - autocracy) and rule for making the decision (jointly democracy-participation). Caesarian style is connected on
direct usage of the force or threat. Democratic leader on the other hand makes accent on the majority of the voices during voting process.Decision making rule is based on managerialism of the employees and their bordering process. Inclusion is accomplished in the different ways. Authority can receive consultation personally from the employee or in front of group of employees or transfer the right for decision making.In the research of professor Orphan is given examples when South African and North American companies were in the same conditions (low concurrency) having different organization for making the decision. Decision making of South African companies is more centralized and so they are more successful while the North American management culture is based on individual employee’s responsibilities which is connected to the decision making authority. In conclusion can be said that the national culture has the influence on the management style as they represent the element of management. On the authority style valuation system has the influence, different intensity of the requirements, country
picture, peculiarity of the acknowledgment process, risk perception and the artificial forms of communication of management and personality.

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