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КАТЕГОРІЯ “ГРА” У ФІЛОСОФІЇ Х. ОРТЕГИ-І-ГАССЕТА (Category of Play in Philosophy of Jose Ortega y Gasset’s)

Білик, Я. (Bilyk Y.) (2013) КАТЕГОРІЯ “ГРА” У ФІЛОСОФІЇ Х. ОРТЕГИ-І-ГАССЕТА (Category of Play in Philosophy of Jose Ortega y Gasset’s). Наукові записки. Серія “Філософія”, Вип.13. pp. 106-108.

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На думку Хосе Ортеги-і-Гассета, історія завжди є тільки у формі наративу для “наративного” розуму людини. Таким чином, пояснена історія також є необхідним підґрунтям для розуміння людської сутності. Адже саме тим, чим природа є для речей, історія є для людини. На думку Хосе Ортеги-і-Гассета, краще зазначати, що людина володіє не природою, а своєю історією. Суб’єкт мусить постійно “перегравати” все те, що було і що могло з ним бути. Людина, на думку іспанського філософа, постійно змушена “мандрувати” від ситуації до ситуації – вічна гра “вічного емігранта” буття (In Jose Ortega y Gasset’s opinion, history is always only in a form of narrative for a human “narrative” reason. History, explained in such way, also is the necessary groundwork to understand the human essence. As for a man history is that which nature is for things. In Jose Ortega y Gasset’s opinion, it would be better to say that a man possesses not nature but possesses his history. A subject should constantly “re-play” everything that happened and could happen to him. A man, in Spanish philosopher’s opinion, constantly must “wander” from a situation to a situation – an eternal game of an “eternal emigrant of the being”. In Jose Ortega y Gasset’s opinion, philosophy, poetry, myth and religion are the result of the process when a man realizes his essence in a free way that can happen through the game. The notion of existence doesn’t coincide in Spanish philosopher’s works with the notion of a human being because, in his opinion, the notion “existence” provides the necessity for every individual to create his life. In his philosophical conception a life, according to its essence, is a permanent problematic task which should be solved by a man again and again. A man isn’t a thing but a drama which is a human life. Human history should be considered as a history of humanity and also as a scheme of its unfolding. As a man, in contradistinction to a tiger, has never been equal to himself, he is always an “other man”. The main philosophical category of philosophy of Jose Ortega y Gasset’s – “life” – provides the necessary “immersion” of personal “I” of an individual into that which isn’t this “I” principally, that is into “his own circumstances” which are the only more or less real life world of a human being)

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