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МЕНТАЛЬНІ ПІДВАЛИНИ РЕЛІГІЙНОГО СВІТОБАЧЕННЯ Т. ШЕВЧЕНКА (The mental base of T. Shevchenko’s religious world outlook )

Даниленко, М. (Danilenko M.) (2013) МЕНТАЛЬНІ ПІДВАЛИНИ РЕЛІГІЙНОГО СВІТОБАЧЕННЯ Т. ШЕВЧЕНКА (The mental base of T. Shevchenko’s religious world outlook ). Наукові записки. Серія “Філософія”, Вип.13. pp. 109-113.

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Стаття присвячена розгляду ментальної специфіки релігійного світогляду Т. Шевченка. У ній представлено основні характеристики релігійності українського народу та проаналізовано вплив етнопсихологічних чинників на їхнє формування. У процесі дослідження з’ясовано, що релігійне світобачення поета тісно пов’язане з українською ментальністю (The article is dedicated to the analysis of the mental base of T. Shevchenko’s religious world outlook. The author elucidates the main traits of the Ukrainian people’s religiousity and analyses the influence of ethnopsychological factors on their development. According to research it makes a conclusion that the poet’s religious world outlook intimately connected with Ukrainian mentality. The lines of this connection were such creations spiritual and world outlooking as: a Christian “cult of the man”, Christian “patriotism”, religious and cult’s aesthetics, “gospelіous Christianity”, religious tolerance. The reflection of deep ethnoreligious bases it watches in the poet’s understanding of God, his creation of image of God’s Mother also in his refusal of religious asceticism. In this article it was investigated that the belief in world outlook of Ukrainian’s people is an individual vital position. The personality always has a charter to choose a religion as for own internal ideal. The Ukrainians are the actors, but not the spectators in their contacts with God. The author believes, that a recognition of a value of every man and different ways of its liberty (in religious sphere also) generated a respect оf Ukrainians to spiritual achievements of other peoples. The Christian “cult of the man”, which was linked with religious tolerance, takes an important place in T. Shevchenko’s world outlook and his creative inheritance. It is an evidence of his spiritual connection with ethnoreligious views. It was elucidated in this article that strict religious asceticism and deep obedience of believers were unacceptable nor for the poet neither for Ukrainians. The God, in their religious views, loves a man. The personality feels an intimate connection in communication with Him, but not a panic fear. The God is their hope and support. He is a personification of justice and, at the same time of love to every man. Such combination permitted to Ukrainians and T. Shevchenko to address freely to God and demand of organizing the order in society. The one of personal traits of T. Shevchenko’s religious views that he stressed in life and creation on the “natural” religion, which rejects a ritual formalism, corresponds to high spiritual and mental needs of the every man. In generally, Ukrainian’s people, in spite of certain liberty in own spiritual world outlook, is very religious, analogously, the religion also took an important place in T. Shevchenko’s life)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: українська релігійність, християнський “антропоцентризм”, ментальна специфіка релігійних поглядів, християнський “патріотизм”, релігійно-культовий естетизм, євангелізм, релігійна толерантність, “природність” релігії, стражденність, емоційність, селянськість, обрядовий формалізм (Ukrainian’s religiousity, Christian “cult of the man”, mental peculiarities of religious world outlook, Christian “patriotism”, religious and cult’s aesthetics, “gospelіous Christianity”, religious tolerance, “natural” religion, suffering, emotionality, peasantry, ritual formalism)
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