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ТОПОЛОГІЧНІ АСПЕКТИ СОЦІАЛЬНОЇ ІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ (Audrey The Topological Aspects of Social Identity)

Артеменко, А. (A. Artemenko) (2013) ТОПОЛОГІЧНІ АСПЕКТИ СОЦІАЛЬНОЇ ІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ (Audrey The Topological Aspects of Social Identity). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.13). pp. 49-52.

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Стаття присвячена аналізу системи топології в сучасній соціальної філософії. Аналізуються ключові аспекти топологічних систем. У статті зазначається, що топологічна схема може бути застосована як універсальний опис і характеристика специфіки соціального буття. (The problem of identity reflects the attitude of the modern world to the themes of personal freedom, individuality and social processes. Structural social changes of contemporary require complex philosophical analysis. The paper examines the problem of identity which is based on the actor-network theory. Topological method was made out by this theory. This method has become a versatile instrument for the analysis of social systems and processes. For modern people all manifestations of individualism are implemented in the field of social integration and fulfillment of social roles. The system of "social physics" replaces the natural environment. Explanation of changes looks like the development of social needs and dynamics of a community. Modern man understands his own "I" as the ability to create unity. The concept of subject was made in modern social philosophy as a technical marker of contrasting situations. For modernity, the concept of "social I" has a legal meaning. This concept has become synonymous to "citizen." Citizen is an actor, activist of social space. Law theory was aimed atfinding a new legal form of identity as the subject of legal relations. Citizenship as a legal community was the central theme of social philosophy and political and law thought ofthe twentieth century. Personalisation of social relations led to the understanding of community actions as a situational consent. Nowadays this type of individualization of social space destroys traditional social totality. A state has become a type of legal order. Thus, there is a legal topology, which is focused on the reflection of conditions of social and political life.)

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