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ОСОБЛИВОСТІ РОЗУМІННЯ СПРАВЕДЛИВОСТІ В КИТАЙСЬКІЙ ФІЛОСОФІЇ. (Features understanding ofjustice in Chinese philosophy.)

Сумченко, І. (І. Sumchenko) (2013) ОСОБЛИВОСТІ РОЗУМІННЯ СПРАВЕДЛИВОСТІ В КИТАЙСЬКІЙ ФІЛОСОФІЇ. (Features understanding ofjustice in Chinese philosophy.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 70-75.

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Статтю присвячено розгляду становлення та розвитку поглядів на справедливість, що склалися в китайській філософії. Визначені особливості уявлень на справедливість у провідних філософських напрямах Китаю: конфуціанській традиції (класичному конфуціанстві, неоконфуціанстві та пост-конфуціанстві), в даосизмі, легізмі та моїзмі. (Purpose of this article is the socio-philosophical analysis of concepts ofjustice prevailing in the Chinese spiritual tradition. The concept ofjustice (hieroglyph "yi") occupies a main place among the fundamental concepts of Chinese philosophy. Interpretation of "yi" as binds this concept principle of endlessness of process of space transformations to other ideas that are the basis of world view complex of ancient Chinese philosophy: the similarity of the universe and of all things and phenomena, correlativity between the laws of the physical world and life cycle; continuity and organic integrity of space. The national-spiritual values of the Chinese people, which are an expression of the fundamental ideas of intellectual traditions of China, identified the long tradition of the fusion operation morality, religion and law. Chinese philosophy, characterized by heredity and continuity of development inherent dominance of socio-anthropological perspective. Confucianism has developed this understanding of social relations, which is based was the belief in the possibility of achieving justice through strict implementation of all members of society of their social responsibilities. Ritual as an external manifestation ofjustice recognized comprehensive way to organize the human connection with the natural ("heaven"), and with the social environment. The dominance of the Confucian tradition due to the fact that unlike Legalism, which replaced the principle ofjustice to the cult of legalized and organized violence Mohism, who promoted the idea ofpublic benefit, and Taoism, with its identification of justice with the heavenly Tao, his supporters (teachings of Neo-Confucianism and Post-Confucianism) preached the principle justice as the embodiment of ordering and harmony based on moral education and spiritual self.)

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