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ТЕХНІЗАЦІЯ ЛЮДИНИ: ФІЛОСОФСЬКО-МЕТОДОЛОГІЧНИЙ АНАЛІЗ. (Influence of technique is on a man: philosophical-methodological analysis.)

Качак, Н. N. Kachak. (2013) ТЕХНІЗАЦІЯ ЛЮДИНИ: ФІЛОСОФСЬКО-МЕТОДОЛОГІЧНИЙ АНАЛІЗ. (Influence of technique is on a man: philosophical-methodological analysis.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 76-79.

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Розглянуто проблеми, що пов'язані з науково-технічним прогресом; розкрито сутність технізації людини за допомогою сучасних біотехнологій; здійснено аналіз проблем, пов'язаних із зародженням та розвитком євгенічних ідей, що спонукали до відродження євгеніки у ХХ столітті; розглянуто вплив євгенічної політики на буття людини і суспільства, а також можливі наслідки, пов'язані з новітніми науково-технологічними досягненнями. (Problems which are related to scientific and technical progress are considered, essence of tekhnologizacii of man is exposed by modern biotechnologies, the analysis ofproblems related to the origin and development of eugenic ideas and their influence is carried out on life of man and societies, and also possible consequences are related to the newest scientifically technological by achievements. Scientific activity is closely interlaced with technical, science is aimed at creations of new technologies, which are able to influence on an environment, changing him in accordance with the necessities of man, and also changing a man. Technology ХХІ age got the name of biotechnology. A biotechnology, as well as other technologies, causes radical changes in life of man as a result of with the use of the newest technologies as on individual so on social levels, there are considerable changes. Eugenic ideas lie in basis tekhnizacii of man also. Eugenics is studies about the inherited health of man, about the possible methods of influence on the evolution of humanity for perfection of his nature, about the laws of inheritance of gift there is limitation of transmission of the inherited diseases future generations. Proceeding in eugenic influence on a level separate a genome and even concrete gene creates terms for development of eugenic policy, where a leading role is taken the not state, but pair of potential parents or, even, separate individual which aims to create the improving copy the method of cloning. A most danger for a man and society of vcilomu is made by the use of living organisms in different biotechnological manipulations, that peretvoryuyuet'sya on multi-billion business for which basic is a financial benefit, but not life and health of people. Therefore society must set certain scopes and limits settled, with the purpose of shutting out of advantage of commercial interests above rights and freedoms of man.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Tехнологія, біотехнологія, техніка, євгеніка, ліберальна євгеніка, технізація, буття людини, суспільство, (Technology, biotechnology, technique, eugenics, liberal eugenics, life of man, society, science.)
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