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ТІЛО, МОДА, ІДЕНТИЧНІСТЬ: ПОСТМОДЕРНІ КОНФІГУРАЦІЇ. (Body, Fashion and Identity: Postmodern Configurations.)

Карповець, М. (M. Karpovets) (2013) ТІЛО, МОДА, ІДЕНТИЧНІСТЬ: ПОСТМОДЕРНІ КОНФІГУРАЦІЇ. (Body, Fashion and Identity: Postmodern Configurations.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 156-160.

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У статті аналізується зв'язок між тілом, модою та ідентичністю у постмодерній куль Розглядаються такі виміри взаємодії, як гра, символічна цінність речей, бажання та влада, основному й визначають характер постмодерних конфігурацій. (This article analyzes the relationship between body, fashion and identity in postmodern culture. We give a parallel between modernist and postmodernist canon, where the nature of the interaction depends on the hermeneutical situation of culture. However, it is important to note that between modernism and postmodernism is not a big gap, despite increased economic, socio-cultural and political space circulation of things and signs. Fashion in modern societies as in the past ones takes almost constant regulative functions, the main of which is to identify the subject. The postmodern canon characterizes by a complex exchange of manipulative strategy in the sphere of symbolic capital. It performes through fashion between different social levels, forming a framework for constructing identity. Moreover, each element of the triad tends to take a dominant position in order to "systematically manipulate signs" (Baudrillard). The identity is not sustainable in this context and do not always accurately describes the subject. It's mostly simulate the reality, gives us wrong signals and answers. Although clothing is a cultural extension of the body in the semantic field of culture, fashion is an ongoing process. People always want to wear new clothes (or to have new ideas, things, symbols) because they're unfinished project in their beings.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет «Острозька академія» (The National University of Ostroh Academy).
Uncontrolled Keywords: Тіло, мода, ідентичність, постмодерн, гра, канон культури. (Body, fashion, identity, postmodern, game, cultural canon.)
Subjects: by fields of science > Philosophy
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