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Властивості екзистенціалів самотності, печалі та нудьги, їх місце і роль у житті людини (Existentials of solitude, sadness and boredom. Their part and role in life)

Калуга, В. (V. Kaluga) (2014) Властивості екзистенціалів самотності, печалі та нудьги, їх місце і роль у житті людини (Existentials of solitude, sadness and boredom. Their part and role in life). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 41-46.

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Стаття присвячена дослідженню функціонального навантаження низки екзистенціалів, які людина ідентифікує як антипод стану внутрішнього задоволення чи спокою або умиротворення (Being unable to define one’s nature, man is destined to enjoy the impression about oneself. The latter has been created on the basis of the theories or their symbioses which describe reality. In other words, they are in the core of the world and Universe. At the same time there has been a certain lack of attention to the fact that despite an obvious difference all theories study man totally, as if all men on the planet had a common source despite cultural, racial and genetic peculiarities. There is a probability that representatives of the same ethnic groups or those grouped according to the principle of similarity/identity of psycho-physiological features have a different origin. Hence, they originate from different sources unaware of those. That is why an opinion that every man is identical to the other only because both are people can be false. If it is accepted as true then it hides a potential danger of degeneration of a part of/all mankind due to impersonalization and generic/group ‘erosion’ leading toward regeneration of individual/ethnically-oriented/determined man into an average representative of mankind. Nevertheless, we can identify something that obviously unites people in their routine. Despite differences everyone wishes to get and keep pleasure which can be identified as a state of tranquility and peace. The rest, in their essence, are means and modes of acquiring of the abovementioned state. Certain attention should be paid to the fact that the very state of inner pleasure is commonly being viewed as a side effect and not as an aim and goal respectively. In other words, if one chose a state of inner pleasure as an aim one automatically would resort to the respective means: alcohol, drugs, debauchery, etc. A state of the inner pleasure has been opposed by several destructive factors without being reduced to a common denominator. Hence, among deconstructive elements it is generally accepted to differentiate fear, solitude, sadness, anxiety, grief, boredom, etc. Their nature has been remained undiscovered despite the fact that those have been the subject of many studies throughout millennia. An average rational man is unable to fix functional valence of these experiences and motivators of activity. Hence, one is focused on a description of one’s privacies and inference of rational constructions which form a certain impression about destructive factors of pleasure. In their own right, esoteric scholars like Castaneda, meditating upon Entity, believe that sadness is an essential part and element of the Universe; its presence is mandatory to stimulate life, development and wisdom. Whereas, boredom and solitude are original mechanisms which oppose human intentions and are the basis of the realization of those. They allow keeping man within the crowd till one reaches a level of inner perfection to be ready to meet reality as it is)

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