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Вплив ідей та духовної практики ісихазму на становлення естетичної думки Київської Русі (Effect of ideas and spiritual practices hesychasm on the development of aesthetic thought of Kievan Rus)

Усікова, Л. (L. Usikova) (2014) Вплив ідей та духовної практики ісихазму на становлення естетичної думки Київської Русі (Effect of ideas and spiritual practices hesychasm on the development of aesthetic thought of Kievan Rus). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 135-140.

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Стаття присвячена розгляду ролі християнства, зокрема ідей і духовної практики ісихазму в становленні естетичної думки й релігійно-естетичних транспозицій мистецтва Київської Русі (This article is devoted to the role of Christianity, in particular to the ideas and spiritual practices of Hesychasm, in the formation of aesthetic thought and artistic transposition in the art of Kyiv Rus. Although such scholars as S. Averintsev, V. Bychkov, D. Kucheryuk, L. Levchuk, D. Likhachev and others devoted their attention to consideration of Kyiv Rus pre-aesthetic thought, they almost haven’t researched the Hesychast aspects of the culture and art of Kyiv Rus. On the other hand, issues of Hesychasm are best represented in the writings of religious thinkers. In particular, Professor J. Meyendorff has many works devoted to the researching of Hesychasm as the spiritual and ideological foundations of Byzantine theology. Father I. Ogienko, a well known researcher of the Hesychast component of Orthodoxy, is the author of many works on the establishment of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Issues related to the theoretical foundations of Orthodox thought and culture, achieved academic relevance only after the realization of Ukrainian independence. This also gave impetus for the consideration of Hesychasm as a mystical and spiritual current throughout Eastern Christianity. Among the local researchers of Orthodox Hesychasm, its essence and enculturation should mention the academic works of S. Zaitseva, V. Lychkovah, G. Neny, C. Horuzhy, S. Shumilo and other philosophers, estheticians, culture researchers philologists. However, despite the rather broad source base Humanities Research devoted to the coverage of Hesychasm, a significant number of issues associated with the inner meaning of Hesychasm, in religious practices and spiritual culture, are still being ignored by researchers, especially in the field of cultural studies, aesthetics and art history. The influence of Hesychasm as a philosophical and spiritual practice during the formative period of the original Kyiv Rus art and aesthetic thought incorporated in it, are not reflected in their writings. Therefore, basic religious-ideological components of axiosphere and aesthetic realm of Kyiv Rus is being lost. The proposed article is devoted to this problem. Hesychasm, having long established the religious, ideological and cultural features, established the important phenomenon of monasticism in ancient spirituality, and the further promotion of the «life-giving», of Kyiv Rus Orthodoxy. With this in mind, it is culturally and historically appropriate to consider the influence of the Hesychast tradition on the development of Old Russian art heritage and the corresponding formation of national aesthetic thought and culture)

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Corporate Creators: Чернігівський національний педагогічний університет ім. Т. Г. Шевченка
Uncontrolled Keywords: естетична думка, історія української естетики, мистецтво Київської Русі, ісихазм, «умна» молитва, релігійно-естетичні транспозиції в мистецтві (aesthetic idea, history of Ukrainian aesthetics, art of Kievan Rus, hesychasm, ongoing«heart» prayer, religious and aesthetic transposition in the art of Kievan Rus)
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