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Художня автентичність мистецтва в умовах сучасної культури (The Artistic Authenticity in Conditions of Modern Culture)

Бондарчук, (М. М. Bondarchuk) (2015) Художня автентичність мистецтва в умовах сучасної культури (The Artistic Authenticity in Conditions of Modern Culture). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 24-28.

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У статті досліджується художня автентичність мистецтва. Аналізуються основні смислові координати поняття в умовах сучасної культури. Визначається культурфілософська специфіка художності твору, а також з’ясовуються виміри автентичності сучасного мистецтва. Досліджується вплив симулятивних про- цесів, притаманних сучасній культурі, на художню автентичність мистецтва. (In the article the key concepts of modern art discourse are analyzed. The author describes the life of art in modern culture in three major categories: «artistic», «authenticity» and «simulation». The article reveals the connection of material standard of artistic being with the most common interpretation of artistic authenticity as the reliability of the work, recognizing its belonging to a particular author or artistic direction. Analyzing the fundamental category – «artistic» – its essential dimensions are described. In order to highlight the ontological nature of the investigated phenomenon the author involves the concept of art by G.V.F. Hegel, who defined it as a harmonious combination of form and content in art, of absolute spirit and materia. Also, analyzing the position of M. Heidegger and F. Nietzsche, we find that art is an area of disclosure of Truth being. Importance of piece of art is determined by its belonging to the crucial principles of human existence, by the projection of reality «here and now» in the sphere of metaphysical notional coordinates. Simulation aspect of contemporary art is analyzed in the context of a comparison of classical and non-classical artistic paradigm presented in our work by concepts of Zh. Bodriyyar, Zh. Derrida, M. McLuhan, L. Manovich, V. Hor etc. Simulation is seen as a crisis process in culture, it’s characterized by degeneration of symbolic depth of artistic, by transformation of sign system, which is closed on itself and loses assistant. Topos limits of contemporary art go far out of visible spectrum, losing instead, the deep dimensions, giving its own ontological nature in favor of diversity of manifestations, getting new signs of authenticity, based on citations, fashion, kitsch, virtual game etc.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Культура, мистецтво, твір, художнє, автентичність, симулякр, симуляція, віртуальність (Сulture, art, piece of art, artistic, authenticity, simulacrum, simulation, virtuality)
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