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Екзистенційні аспекти феномена героїзму: «homo heroicus» (The Existential Aspect of the Phenomenon of Heroism: «Homo Heroicus»)

Микольченко, В. (V. Mikolchenko) (2015) Екзистенційні аспекти феномена героїзму: «homo heroicus» (The Existential Aspect of the Phenomenon of Heroism: «Homo Heroicus»). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 69-73.

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У статті аналізуються екзистенційні аспекти феномена героїзму. Героїчна особистість розглядається як унікальна духовна істота, що здатна до вибору власної долі. Акцент робиться на героїчну поведінку як певний вибір людини в екстремальній ситуації. На загальному тлі руйнації цінностей герой позиціонується як видатна, позитивна в моральному сенсі особистість. (The article analyzes assistenziale aspects of the phenomenon of heroism. Heroic personality is considered as a unique spiritual being, capable of choosing their own destiny. The emphasis is on heroic behavior as a particular choice of the person in an extreme situation. Against the backdrop of the destruction of the values of the hero is positioned as an outstanding, positive in the moral sense of identity. Different understanding of the phenomenon of heroism at different times of the development of mankind is connected with the problem of spirituality, because the hero is directly related to the knowledge of the truth; he combines courage and sacrifice, love and regret, the idea and ideal. Heroism as a source of knowledge of the truth is that it is the existential experiences of the hero help build a value system of views on the world and man’s relation to this world. Of great importance in the development of heroic individuals have concepts such as spirit and faith. The spirit is a special mental state, which is directly connected with heroism and acts of individual mental prerequisite heroic behavior. It is the spirit, according to psychologists, contains in himself an attitude of individual responsibility, determination. It integrates all the substantial quality of the heroic personality, so it subjectively provides heroic accomplishments. Another component substance of the heroic personality is faith, which is a strong driving force of human behavior. The belief that the heroic act is necessary in the name of justice and will be adequately perceived by others (society), is subjectively understood or unconsciously adopted on the basis of heroic behavior. Without belief in the moral value of the act there is no heroism, no hero.)

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