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Європа як ідея (передумови та початкове становлення) (The Europe as Idea: Its Background and Original Installation)

Зайцев, М. (M. Zaіtsev) (2015) Європа як ідея (передумови та початкове становлення) (The Europe as Idea: Its Background and Original Installation). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 96-104.

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У статті ідея Європи розглядається як процесуальне осягнення потреби інтегративної єдності європейських народів, показано, що її історичне становлення пройшло такі етапи: передумов, коли Європи як ідеї в її сутнісній визначеності ще не існує, але є те, що можна назвати матеріалом, з якого може вона постати; у своїй безпосередності цей етап поданий в оболонці та структурах міфу, початкового виникнення та етап формування власне ідеї Європи. Розглядається кожен з означених етапів та виявляється їх роль у процесі становлення ідеї Європи як такої. (This paper presents the idea of Europe as a procedure of understanding the integrative unity of European nations. It shows its historical development that has passed the following steps: pre-conditions, when the idea of Europe doesn’t exist yet, but there is what might be called the material for future appearing; in its immediacy this phase exists in structures of myth, the initial emergence of the idea of Europe and the phase of developing the idea of Europe as well.​​ The first step towards European unity was the system of ancient culture (Hellas and Rome). Due to this was formed Mediterranean geo-cultural space and sematical field, where preconditions of the European idea were grown. Thebecoming prerequisites of the idea of Europe were in the era of socalled axial age. The crucial factors were generated during this period, that will be important for the future of Europe both in a spatial perspective and in a terms of essential characteristics. First of all it is the basic forms and methods of spiritual development of the world as an overcoming of his otherness; basic principles of European human being: laying her world order, rationality as a way of justifying this procedure, activity (fighting) as a way to its practical implementation; the basic forms of government structure and the consequences of their degeneration into tyranny, oligarchy and ochlocracy; Roman law as a main foundation of European civilization; main types and genres of art and so on. The importance of unity had happened in the human consciousness and also the understanding the fact that this unity can be based on the ground of human community and historical connection of people’s fates. It was formed the opposition Europe/East, that will become a kind of archetype and reality of existence. It is noted that the initial emergence of the idea of Europe took place on the basis of ideas of Christianity. As a result, the Europe conceived as a Christian world that confronts the world of Islam. It is concluded that the internal European interactions always have been characterized, which are deployed from military-political to cultural forms. Thus, the European socio-cultural models were accumulated through these forms.)

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