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Філософська культура у вимірі ідентичності (The Philosophical Culture in the Dimension of the Identity)

Наконечна, O. (O. Naсkonechna) (2015) Філософська культура у вимірі ідентичності (The Philosophical Culture in the Dimension of the Identity). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.17). pp. 56-60.

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У статті розглядається сутність філософської культури та її зв’язок з проблемою ідентичності. Розкривається зміст і структура філософської культури, її взаємозв’язки з філософською традицією. Проблема ідентичності аналізується в двох аспектах: збереження самоідентичності філософії та вплив філософської культури на становлення і конструювання національної ідентичності. (The article examines the essence of the philosophical culture and its connection with the problem of identity. It shows up the content and the structure of the philosophical culture, its interconnections with the philosophical tradition. The philosophical culture reveals the real being of philosophy in the spatiotemporal continuum of culture, in the spiritual life of a society and a man. The philosophical culture is seen as a complex of all terms and pre-conditions of becoming, expression and development of philosophical thinking, which reveals the level of requirements in the philosophical knowledge, its producing and spreading. The realization of the philosophical culture consists of a factological (an aggregate of the accessible ideas, works, and a system of its spreading) and a processual (that is of a necessity and a possibility of its perception and functioning in life of an individual and a society) constituents, the interconnection between them sets different contexts of a transformation of the philosophical knowledge and human’s life-giving in all spheres of life. This issue is analyzed in its two aspects: the preservation of self-identity of the philosophy within the framework of the philosophical culture and the influence of the philosophical culture on the formation and the construction of the national identity. The philosophical identity is seen in a context of the main features of philosophizing as an embodiment of the processuality of the philosophical knowledge: problematicity, dialogicity, wisdom potential, retaining the freedom field of a man, transcendency, creativity, unity and diversity of philosophical systems. The author substantiates that the national peculiarity of the philosophical ideas is expressed within the framework of the philosophical culture through the forms of their display, research methods and construction of the philosophical systems, both in a translation of cultural features and in a necessity of cognition of the national spirit. The author’s reflections on the features of the Ukrainian philosophical culture in the revealing and formation of the national identity of the Ukrainians are shown as based on the analysis of the views of T. Zakydal’s’kyy, V. Hors’kyy, S. Kryms’kyy and D. Chyzhevs’kyy.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Національний університет "Острозька академія" (The National University of Ostroh Academy)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Філософія, філософська культура, філософська традиція, ідентичність, національна ідентичність (Philosophy, philosophical culture, philosophical tradition, identity, national identity)
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