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Філософія та ідентичність. (Philosophy and identity)

Чернієнко, В. (V. Cherniienko) (2015) Філософія та ідентичність. (Philosophy and identity). Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філософія» (Вип.18). pp. 8-18.

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Розглядається проблема осмислення метафізичних засад ідентичності людини. Здійснено філософську рефлексію взаємозв’язку теорії та практики ідентичності зі світоглядними орієнтаціями соціальних суб’єктів. Показано колізію теорії та практики політики ідентичності в контексті способів виробництва. Уточнено фактор концептуальності філософської соціальної категоризації. Стверджується філософська емансипація особистості від реїфікуючої дії дискурсу наявної ідентичності. (The problem of understanding the metaphysical foundations of human identity is considered. In dogmatic metaphysics we deal with social projection of the dominant system of social relations (for example: relations of personal dependence – visual «product or property thinking» (mythology, religion) – as a dominant in communal society; relations of impersonal thing dependence – abstract «money or property thinking» (pre-philosophy) – as a dominant in class society) in the world as a whole followed by inversion from the world to society, when among others the public order is grounded and justified, with which the author of such metaphysics is inclined (unconsciously) to identify himself, identify where he feels comfortable/uncomfortable, in which he positive/negative evaluates himself. This attitude toward identity is a feature of economic (antagonistic) culture where people have «money thinking», i.e. thinking by means of qualifications, value or dignity, referring to (imagining) its different amounts in different people and nations. Function of criticism is realized at higher degree in philosophical, critical metaphysics as naturalistic doctrine about supersensible (rational) world and its relation to the sensual (empirical) – two worlds that confront each other like two great things are conceived, and it is requested what kind is its interrelation (exactly in philosophy the attention is paid to the ideological problem of theoretical constructs, where accepted ways of comprehension of «things» themselves are «things»). From the positions of critical metaphysics «identity» is not just a concept that theoretically distinguishes social spaces and totalizes its own elements, but also the construct of reification of relations. It is important to understand for prospects of the movement of self-identity, self-determination that identity is the result, the fact that happened, defending and protecting oneself; identification is adaptation, process of permanent selection, acceptance of rules, traditions and attitudes. The sense of self-identity is in the identity transformation out of «givenness» into «problem» and in empowering actors with moral and legal responsibility for the consequences of their self-determination.)

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