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Причинно-наслідкова складова корупції у системі вищої освіти України (Causal component of corruption in higher education system of Ukraine)

Вдовиченко, Є. (E. Vdovychenko) (2015) Причинно-наслідкова складова корупції у системі вищої освіти України (Causal component of corruption in higher education system of Ukraine). Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія “Філософія” (Вип.18). pp. 82-86.

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У статті проаналізовано основні аспекти корупційної складової у системі вищої освіти України. Розглянуто вплив цього антисоціального явища на формування особистості. Сконцентровано увагу на причинах, що викликають та провокують корупцію, а також установлено її основні фактори. Зазначено загальні негативні наслідки корупційних діянь у сфері вищої освіти. Сфокусовано погляд на роль науково-педагогічних працівників у виконанні ними обов’язків у сфері навчання та виховання студентів. (The article analyzes the main aspects of the corruption component in higher education in Ukraine. The influence of the antisocial effects on the formation of the young person, because while studying at university person enters adulthood and begins to independently make important decisions, including selects an acceptable model of behavior. It is noted that corruption in higher education affects not only the creation of interpersonal relations of citizens, but also leads to the destruction of society as a whole. It is important to understand that the correct understanding of the essence of corruption largely depends on the formation and strategy and tactics of anti-corruption activities, setting its objectives, the definition capabilities response. The author focused attention on the causes and triggers corruption and establish its basic factors. Indicated that any deviation from the highest standards of integrity in higher education will have a lasting impact on the future of the entire Ukrainian society. In the analysis of corruption in higher education in Ukraine, and noted the overall effects to which they lead. The most important ones are: the leveling of the role of higher education in society, reducing the authority of teachers, playing cynical and amoral youth, lack of qualified, full decline of domestic science. Also, the authors focused view on the role of teaching staff in the implementation of their obligations in the field of training and education of students. It is not high school teachers perform teaching duties established training and education, leading to their unsuitability real pedagogical and moral degradation. Therefore, the release of higher education from corruption, conducting thoughtful reforms that would qualitatively change the management model universities was vital. Cleaning education will reverse the trend of decline and open prospects.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Корупція, вища освіти, викладач, студент, філософія освіти, науково-педагогічний працівник, закон (Corruption, higher education, teacher, student, philosophy of education, scientific and pedagogical worker law)
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