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Відображення суспільних цінностей у соціальній рекламі (Reflecting social values in the public service advertising)

Тихомірова, Ф. (F. Tykhomirova) (2015) Відображення суспільних цінностей у соціальній рекламі (Reflecting social values in the public service advertising). Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія “Філософія” (Вип.18). pp. 103-111.

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Важливою характеристикою цілісності знань у сучасному науковому пізнанні та одним із важливих аспектів організації їх передачі є системність. Системна інтерпретація знань про складні об’єкти найбільш адекватна характеру їхнього функціонування та розвитку. Відповідно до того, що реклама набуває все більшої ваги у сфері масових комунікацій, вона починає цікавити науковців як система, що функціонує за власними законами й використовує задля досягнення поставленої комунікаторами мети здавна відомі прийоми апелювання до людської психіки на свідомому та підсвідомому рівнях. Так, останнім часом до реклами застосовують підходи, засновані на витлумаченні її як знакової системи зі своїми засобами віддзеркалення та трактування дійсності. Соціальну рекламу розглянуто як систему з точки зору загальної параметричної теорії систем. А. І. Уйомова. (An important characteristic of the integrity of knowledge in the modern scientific knowledge and one of the important aspects of the organization of their transmission is the systematicity. The system interpretation of knowledge about complex objects is most adequate nature of their operation and development.In accordance with the fact that advertising is becoming more force in the field of mass communications, it becomes more interesting for scientists as a system that operates by its own rules and uses to achieve the goal of communicators have long known techniques calls to the human mind at the conscious and subconscious levels. Thus, in recent advertising is based on approach to interpreting it as a sign system with its own means of reflection and interpretation of reality.In the parametric General Theory of System A.I. Uiomov developed a system-wide characteristics or properties that characterize any items presented in the form of system models – the system-wide parameters. Specific characteristics of the relationships and properties common to all systems without exception. The system is considered to be a definite, when it has define concept, structure and substrate. A.I. Uiomov also considered certain principles of classification systems. He proposed to classify the system parameters on the system research aspects of the object, or the categorical characteristics of the system parameter. Classification of system parameters is based on his identification system and has corresponding formal definitions. A.I. Uiomov considered two groups of such parameters: 1) attribute system parameters; 2) relational system-wide parameters. Social advertising in Ukraine increasingly tries to show itself as a powerful tool of socialization of the individual, prevention and behavioral deviations of value, even though today the majority of cases it is stipulated certain phenomenon or criticism without offering reasonable alternatives. It is experiencing a period of relatively active development and acquires its own specificity, due to social and political and social and cultural reasons. In this case social advertising, taking into account its potential and realized functions, is increasingly attached to the creation of general advertising myth that reflects and forms the life view of society world members by offering and maintaining valuable references and ideas. Social advertising is an integral part of all three sectors of social work (public services, social business (which in Ukraine is actually absent) and nongovernmental organizations),organizing large-scale advertising campaigns. Its amount, and types and thematic range gradually increase, but the social advertising is not always clear, does not adequately address the problem of the target audience, does not use in full of the entire arsenal of promotional products effects because of this the expected social impact is partial and mosaic. Social advertising has its positive impact and is essential for the development of society itself. With its improvements, determining the precise range of manufacturers, publishers, and bringing to its creation specialists in the social and psychological problems, it will help improve the Ukrainian society. Social advertising today is an effective tool to influence the mindset of people, close to the ideology, morality, religion, and modern mythmaking is able to perform axiological and humanistic function, to build a democratic society humanistic installation mass consciousness. Social advertising on the one hand can cause a positive response in the community, contribute to the harmonization of relations, enhance social activity of the population, on the other hand created on position of subjectivity, without assessing the real social needs of its audience, may contribute to social aggression. Therefore, the development and implementation of projects of social advertising requires a complex interdisciplinary research aimed at identifying factors contributing to the realization of its potential. Broadcasting in society human and national values, social advertising expands and forms a cultural basis of society «social capital», which gradually begins to affect economic development. Trust and tolerance are such social qualities that have to be brought in person with the aim become a community of such people become really humane. After analyzing the advertising via the system parameters, it can be concluded that this important branch of modern knowledge is dismembered, partial, non-minimally, heterogeneous, fixed externally regenerative, indeterminate, complex, multi-layered system. Advertising is spontaneously created mosaic system (as a general principal the mosaic is typical for postmodern artistic manifestations and general spiritual and intellectual activities), where fragments are not clearly linked to each other and are not always harmonized, but make up a complete picture.)

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