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Постнекласичний підхід до соціальної реальності, людини та її місця у всесвіті: антропний принцип (Postnonclassical approach to social reality, to a human and his place in the universe: anthropic principle)

Найдьонов, О. (A. Naydonov) (2015) Постнекласичний підхід до соціальної реальності, людини та її місця у всесвіті: антропний принцип (Postnonclassical approach to social reality, to a human and his place in the universe: anthropic principle). Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія “Філософія” (Вип.18). pp. 117-123.

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Досягнення постнекласичної науки дозволяють розглядати з філософської точки зору соціальну реальність як суб’єктивно-об’єктивну за своєю суттю. Це об’єктивований внутрішній світ людини. Постнекласична наука змушує всерйоз сприймати і залучати сакральні тексти до філософського осмислення, для покращення соціального цілепокладання та соціальної реальності з точки зору привнесення в неї смислу. (The science is the major modern factor which forms person understanding about social reality. It is accepted tо call modern science post-nonclassical because it is based on absolutely other type of rationality, than the previous historical types of sciences. The classical science considered objects as simple systems. The causal explanation was interpreted from positions of a Laplace determinism, as search of the reasons which rigidly and unambiguously cause consequences. As the main requirements to validity of the theory two principles moved forward: confirmation of the theory by experience and evidence of its fundamental postulates. When each new type of scientific rationality is forming, ontologic and epistemological aspects of philosophical fundamentals of science are change. The nonclassical science is characterized by refusal of a rectilinear ontologism and understanding of relativity of the validity of theories and a picture of the world. The post-nonclassical science investigates difficult humanimensional systems. It combines search of truth with expansion of ethical regulatives of scientific search. It puts science and the Bible on one basis. In article attempt to prove in the context of achievements of post-nonclassical science and the formulated anthropic principle situation that the world is created above than humans mind and respectively that the social reality subjectiveobjective is an objective interior and result and at the same time process of purposeful creation of the Creator and a human as his co-creator. For achievement of the set research object the author allocates four major achievements of post-nonclassical science: 1) the world develops not linearly and stochastically 2) improbable complexity of the Universe has to be maintained by the operating element 3) achievements of geneticists specify that live organisms are intellectual systems, capable to self-realization, in which mind of huge level is duplicated 4) the anthropic principle – the visible world is created for the sake of the human (life on the earth). Thus, there are strong reasons to claim that the world appeared not by himself and there is an Observer. «Independence» of knowledge and the world of the subject doesn’t exist. Reality of people in the ancient time and our reality in a root differ. The human expands borders of the world (is entropy information). As a result of expansion and deepening of human representations, the world presented by the Creator got dynamics. The big force of representation is necessary that «contrary to evidence» understand that without subject (direct or indirect) there is no object. The social reality is subjective-objective. The human creates social reality.)

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