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Основні чинники лексичних запозичень (MAIN FACTORS OF LEXICAL BORROWINGS)

Рубан, В. (V. Ruban) (2015) Основні чинники лексичних запозичень (MAIN FACTORS OF LEXICAL BORROWINGS). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.55). pp. 219-221.

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У статті розглядаються основні чинники лексичних запозичень. Особливу увагу звернено на розподіл чинників за категоріями. Робиться спроба схарактеризувати мовні та позамовні чинники поповнення словникового складу за допомогою елементів іноземного походження на сучасному етапі розвитку мов. (The article deals with the main factors of lexical borrowings. Borrowing is one of the main ways of enrichment of the language. Recently, this process has become much more intense, and it makes the topic of factors contributing to the use of foreign elements in the language very urgent and interesting to learn. The vast majority of linguists distinguish intralinguistic factors that are due to the internal processes and social or extralinguistic factors caused by historical, geographical, social, political reasons, etc. But all these factors are very closely interrelated that’s why they can’t be studied separately. The category of internal or lingual factors of lexical borrowing from foreign languages includes: 1) lack of adequate lexeme to name the concepts and things in the recipient language; 2) tendency to brevity which involves replacing the long expressions containing several words by one word; 3) elimination of polysemy and homonymy of lexical elements in the language; 4) need in specialization of concepts which is caused by the lack of specific lexico-semantic groups; 5) communicative need in the concept; 6) stylistic needs of the speaker, etc. Speaking about the extralinguistic factors of borrowings scientists consider: 1) historical international contacts between a donor language and a recipient language; 2) political authority of the country of the source language; 3) bilingualism; 4) perception of lexemes of foreign origin as more prestigious, so-called linguistic snobbery; 5) innovation of the nation in certain areas; 6) social and economic changes in the country of language that borrows, etc.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Запозичення, лексичне запозичення, чинники, позамовні чинники, мовні чинники, словниковий склад, іншомовні елементи borrowing, lexical borrowing, factors, extralinguistic (Factors, intralinguistic factors, lexical fund, foreign elements)
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