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До питання про гендерні стереотипи (To the question of gender stereotypes)

Жук, В. (V. Zuk) (2015) До питання про гендерні стереотипи (To the question of gender stereotypes). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.55). pp. 293-296.

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Стаття пов’язана зі сферою чоловічої та жіночої психології і їх ролі в суспільстві, відмінностей в сприйнятті почуття любові. В статті зроблений теоретичний аналіз матеріалів з цієї проблеми та вплив різних факторів на сприйняття почуття любові. (The article deals with the gender investigation in the sphere of man’s and woman’s psychology and their role in the society, gender differences in the perception of the filling of love. It was made the analysis of the materials on this theme. The influence of different factors on the perception of the filling of love was described. The author of the article considers such notions as a concept (cultural, linguistic), a stereotype, and a national character. The author also considers classifications of these notions, their features and peculiarities, and their interconnection. The author substantiated the necessity of conducting the study of these notions not only by language experts but anyone interested in language. Gender differences in the perception of love are associated with gender psychology. Gender is a social life of men and women which is studied separately. The theory of gender (social relations between men and women) consider only those aspects of life that are not associated with love. Archives of psychology here are unconsidered because gender differences (differences between men and women) are large, and they often affect love relationships between people. Gender is one of the central and fundamental concepts of modern humanity which requires understanding, the relevance of which is obvious. Recently, gender has been viewed as a set of concepts. And the fact that gender has no final determination is not a deficiency or a problem, but rather a feature of the concept. Studying of male and female psychology and differences between sexes has been directly related not only to the person as such, but equally to the whole society. Issues related to the peculiarities of human sex and its psychological differences in recent years often are among the most actively discussed in society.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Одеський національний університет імені І.І.Мечникова
Uncontrolled Keywords: Любов, гендер, психологія гендеру, дружба, фемінізм, емоційність (Love, gender, psychology of the gender, friendship, feminism, emotionalism, stereotype, national character)
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