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Zweigliedrige metaphorische wortverbindungen im wirtschaftsdeutschen

Druzhbyak, S. and Savitska, O. (2015) Zweigliedrige metaphorische wortverbindungen im wirtschaftsdeutschen. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.54). pp. 89-91.

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У статті розглянуто двочленні метафоричні словосполучення в сучасній німецькій термінології. Зроблено семантичний та морфолого-синтаксичний аналіз вказаних термінологічних одиниць, визначено їх продуктивні моделі. Досліджено особливості функціонування двочленних метафоричних словосполучень у фахових текстах, розглянуто причини використання цих одиниць в термінології, проаналізовано ступінь їх ідіоматичності. (In the article considered binomial economical terms affiliation formed by the metaphorization.The understanding of the metaphorization nature is connected with several difficulties caused by different approaches to this process in the scientific literature, with the presence of discordant and issues that are not studied enough. The semantic formation of the terms, which is based on the metaphorical foundation envisages segregation of motivating feature or features and creation of the close motivating connection between two reality phenomena. All terms, which are produced with metaphorization, are motivated. The internal form of the metaphorical economical term is meaning of lexical units used as the material for the economical concept nomination. The transparent internal form leads to accuracy and clarity of the metaphorical term, its meaningfulness and connection with the common used language. The imagery of metaphorized terminological units is slackened with nominative function of the metaphorized term, because of that it has a tendency to extinction. The analysis testified that the binomial metaphorical compounds in the economical professional language in professional economics are not rare occasional phenomenon, but the whole system formed by certain semantic models and renresented by such main groups of metaphors:anthropomorphic, environment and natural phenomena, domestic, military, by the color, by the physical characteristics, medical and zoomorphic. The anthropomorphic metaphor is the most frequently used in the German economical terminology, it is based on the analogy of biological and psychological characteristics of people, social or family relationships. In some cases the metaphorized word, transformating into theturning terminological unit, changes not only in the semantical way, but also in the grammatical one. As a result, the qualitative adjectives in the process of metaphorization lose the grammatical category such as comparison. The structural analysis of binary metaphorical names uncoverd five types of connections: adjectives, verbs, nouns, numerals and participles. The noun is a part of 99.42% analyzed units. The largest amount of binary compounds is represented by the metaphorical model «Adjektiv + Substantiv». Binomial metaphorical terms affiliation is often used in the professional periodicals, that indicates their understandable semantics not only for professionals but also for the ordinary people.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Nationale Universität «Lwiwer Polytechnika»
Uncontrolled Keywords: Метафора, двочленне метафоричне словосполучення, економічна термінологія, метафоризація, мотивація (Methaphor, binary metaphorical compound, economical terminology, metaphorization, motivation)
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