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Проблеми перекладу драми – твору на межі літератури та театру

Свищ, Л. (L. Svyshch) (2015) Проблеми перекладу драми – твору на межі літератури та театру. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.54). pp. 290-293.

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Стаття присвячена питанню перекладу драми. У статті перелічуються основні тенденції у перекладознастві, описуються особливості та прийоми при перекладі драматичного тексту. Також автором здійснюється перелік основних причин, чому переклад драми до цього часу так і не отримав комплексної теоретичної основи, проводиться аналіз сучасної літератури, присвяченої даній проблемі, що переконливо свідчить про недостатню вивченість драматургічного перекладу. (The article deals with the translation of drama. The article lists the major trends in translation studies, describes the features and techniques in the translation of dramatic text. Also, the author carries out a list of the main reasons why the translation of drama so far has not received a comprehensive theoretical framework, the analysis of current literature on this issue, which clearly demonstrates a lack of knowledge of drama translation. The article says that the translator should always pay great attention to the transmission in the target text cultural component of the original drama. In translation studies there are observed two trends: the first one appears in an attempt to recreate the original text as closely as possible, preserving all the features of its formal organization; the second one is to keep the spirit of the original, general emotional and aesthetic impact on the reader. New translations of works that were translated many times before, appear primarily due to the subjective perception of the original work by the translator. Viewing the dramatic text, the important role is played by the director as well. The translator, seeing the original, is also serving as an interpreter source. Every another interpretation of the text opens to the reader / viewer new sides of the work, otherwise it would be easier to retype existing translations from year to year if they meet the needs of modern readers. Drama translator should never forget that before the translation of dramatic work it is important to become familiar with the works of the author and the context of drama writing; study the characters of the drama actors, their scenic images and stylized language; analyze the style and semantics of the original text, as well as its cultural and historical flavor; and finally, focus on adequate playing in the translated text of the original component of the national drama.)

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