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Мовознавчі традиції дослідження прикметника як самостійної частини мови

Антонюк, С. (S. Antoniuk) (2015) Мовознавчі традиції дослідження прикметника як самостійної частини мови. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.54). pp. 16-19.

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Ми розглянули теоретичні засади вивчення прикметника у сучасній лінгвістичній літературі, питання історич- ного становлення прикметника як окремої частини мови, а також зробили спробу викласти загальні відомості про природу латинського прикметника. (The article focuses on the adjective as a language unit, which in its semantics reflects the objects, phenomena, events, especially the fragments of the language world picture, because it is a unique means of conveying man’s attitude about the objects of reality. The article deals with the theoretical foundations of the study of the adjective in the modern linguistic literature. The origin and the historical development of the adjective as a separate part of speech is analyzed. It was revealed that in antiquity the adjective wasn’t assumed as a separate part of speech, but as a noun, because of the common system of declension. After the separation from the general noun class it acquired those semantic, morphological and syntactic features which provided the basis for the assumption of the adjective as a separate part of speech. The main features of the Latin adjectives on different language levels (on the morphological, semantic and syntactic language) were described. The article reveals that the main semantic feature of the adjective is a characterizing one. The difference on the grammar level is that the adjective must match the nouns they describe in number, gender and case and it also can have the semantic and grammar category of the degrees of comparison. The most common on the structural and genetical level is their division on the primary and secondary adjectives. They are also divided according to their morphological functions on attributive and predicative adjectives. It was also revealed that the modifier is the main syntactic role of the Latin adjective. Besides, the main linguistic classifications of the adjectives, especially of the sensor group, were proposed.)

Item Type: Article
Corporate Creators: Львівський національний медичний університет імені Данила Галицького
Uncontrolled Keywords: Прикметник, граматичні категорії, мовна картина світу (Adjective, grammar categories, language world picture)
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