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Семантична структура концепту «time» і її відображення у фразеології англійської мови

Живіцька, І. (I. Zhyvitska) (2015) Семантична структура концепту «time» і її відображення у фразеології англійської мови. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.52). pp. 102-104.

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Стаття присвячена опису природи лінгвістичного часу й особливостей його експлікації в англійській мові. У роботі розглядається низка характерних рис часу в уявленні носіїв англійської мови, досліджуються метафоричні. (The article is dedicated to the description of linguistic time and its nature. The article focuses on the characteristic features of time as viewed by English speakers. The peculiarities of time presentation in the English language are being studied, metaphorical and metonymical reexamining of time is being investigated in the article. Lexical-semantic groups of phraseological units with the concept of Time have been proposed. Linguistic time is the unity of a language form and a concept which represents some spatial-temporal event. The concept of Time can be attributed to philosophical categories and also to universal categories of culture. This concept contains ideas that belong to different spheres – physical, spiritual, everyday, scientific, verbal. But it is not a set or a sum of separate ideas, but a unity which synthesizes material (outer) and ideal (inner) experience of a man. The concept of Time is one of the important concepts in the system of man’s knowledge about the world in the language picture of the world of any nation including the Englishmen. The Englishmen are known for their particularly thrifty attitude to time since they perfectly realize its transience and impossibility to stop it or to make it go back. Hence it follows the view of the representatives of the English culture on punctuality as necessity. Among other peculiarities of time the Englishmen point out unilateralism of time, its value, ability to change surrounding reality. Besides, time is considered to be a great creative power which can cure and work wonders. People associate units of time with money – one of the main material resources. Metaphorical transference «Time is money» form the basis of reexamining of time as money. Phraseological units are means of verbalization of the concept of Time. Notions presented by concrete, bright, sensual and aural images have found their reflection in the inner form of phraseologisms with the meaning of time. The following lexical-semantic groups of phraseological units with the concept of Time have been proposed: timeliness; untimeliness; transience; waiting time; pastime; continued period of time; episodic period of time; limited period of time; characteristic of time; indefinite period of time.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Час, концепт, фразеологічна одиниця, лексико-семантична група (Time, concept, phraseological unit, Lexical-semantic group)
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