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До проблеми класифікації спеціальних лексичних одиниць (професіоналізмів

Луковенко, Т. (T. Lukovenko) (2015) До проблеми класифікації спеціальних лексичних одиниць (професіоналізмів. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.51). pp. 262-264.

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Стаття продовжує цикл публікацій автора, присвячених дослідженню проблеми класифікації спеціальної лексики. У пропонованій праці розглянуто функціювання професіоналізмів як невід’ємної складової спеціальної лексики. Проаналізовано критерії розмежування термінів та професіоналізмів. (This article continues the series of publications which are dedicated to the problem of classification of special vocabulary. In the present work we are dealing with the operation of professionalisms as an integral part of special vocabulary. The distinction between the terms and jargon are analyzed. Analysis of scientific studies of A. N. Akhmanova, A. Vasiliev, S. Hlovanovoyi, V. Grinyova, N.Zhirmunski, T. Podolski, A. Prystayko, S. Superanskoyi, T. Šelov, A.Mikhailov, A. Pavlova, A. Romanov etc. for many decades have repeatedly raised concerns about outlining clear criteria for the distinction between the term and professionalism which demonstrates the lack of a unified view of jargon place in the system of specific lexical items currently. This gives grounds to the author to qualify the risen question as actual problem of modern linguistics. The purpose of the proposed study is to analyze and systematize scientific views on professionalism as an integral part of special vocabulary. Special lexicon is interpreted as vocabulary words or word-combinations, which call objects and concepts inherent in the different sectors of employment or human rights and are not being generally used. The defining features of special vocabulary are believed to be: the recycled lexical items; relatively little use of it; impossibility of partial transformations of elements without the consent with traditional industry; specificity of antonymic relations; preservation of denotative connection; sometimes literal impossibility of translation. The objective of the research is to review the main criteria for differentiation of terms and jargon. Particular attention is paid to the operation of professional jargon. The author believes that professionalisms and professional jargon as units of professional communication are means of expressing certain communicative and pragmatic information, illustrators of interactions between professional communicators, implement it subjective or objective modality.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Спеціальна лексика, термінологія, термін, професіоналізм (Special vocabulary, terminology, the term, professionalism)
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