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Феномен любові у філософії статі Миколи Бердяєва (The Phenomenon of Love in Mykola Berdyayev’s Philosophy of Sex)

Ковальчук, Ю. (Kovalchyk Y.) (2015) Феномен любові у філософії статі Миколи Бердяєва (The Phenomenon of Love in Mykola Berdyayev’s Philosophy of Sex). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Гендерні дослідження"., Вип. 1. pp. 104-114.

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У статті здійснюється філософський аналіз феномена любові крізь призму філософії статі, представника релігійного екзистенціалізму – Миколи Бердяєва. У контексті любовної проблематики досліджується суперечність індивідуального та родового начал, утверджується метафізика статі, розглядається ідея андрогінності як пізнання досконалої індивідуальності. (This article contains a philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of love through the prism of the philosophy of sex in the works of Mykola Berdyayev, a representative of religious existentialism. In the context of the question of love, the antagonism between individual and generative principle is researched, the metaphysics of gender consolidated, the idea of androgyny as cognition of consummate individuality examined. The impetus toward the philosophy of love, and from there, to the problematic concepts, which impelled the representative of religious existentialism – Mykola Berdyayev, to ponder the sphere of love, is «sex.» The concept of «sex» became the place in the philosophy of the Russian thinker, from which he takes his beginning and a two-fold understanding of love (generative and individual), and through which are examined the questions of marriage, family relationships, the birth of children, and the problem of androgyny, which has a metaphysical character. In the given article the accent is made on the fact that Mykola Berdyayev’s concept of love is built not only on the sensual connection of such concepts as «love and sex,» but also on the sensual connection of such concepts as «love and personhood,» «love and freedom,» «love and creativity,» love and individuality (androgyny).» Berdyayev connects the problem of sex and love to the battle between two opposite metaphysical sources – the individual and the generative. Consequently there occur the differentiation of sex from generation, and love from the generative instinct. The Russian existentialist criticises Christian doctrine’s traditional treatment of bodily love as something sinful, and sex as a sign of sinfulness in the human being, which allows only one justification for love between a man and a woman – childbirth and reproduction. He speaks about the hypocrisy of such treatment, accusing it of the demonization of sex. Mykola Berdyayev’s philosophy of love «ties» sex and love to the mystery of alienation in the world as well as to the mystery of all unification, with the mystery of individuality and eternal life. The philosopher of love indicates the way of Eros as the way of individuality. True love in Mykola Berdyayev’s philosophy of love is a free creative act, through which a human being overcomes both the command of generation and nature’s necessity; overcoming sex, he uncovers another’s face in God, achieving perfect individuality – androgyny.)

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