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Cуфіксальний спосіб творення українських термінів управління персоналом

Сидорчук, І. О. (I. Sydorchuk) (2015) Cуфіксальний спосіб творення українських термінів управління персоналом. Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.57). pp. 114-115.

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У статті досліджено словотвірну організацію українських термінів управління персоналом, зокрема термінів, утворених суфіксальним способом. Окреслено основні тенденції суфіксального способу термінотворення, проаналізовано найпродуктивніші моделі суфіксації. (HR is a relatively young science, but has formed a logical-conceptual apparatus that nominated special lexical units. In recent decades, great importance to the research of special terminology economic field, especially the definition of their structural and semantic parameters, standardization and codification. Terminology management personnel so far remained out of sight Ukrainian linguists. The relevance of the study is to find out general and specific patterns of creation HR terminology that will help predict trends in its further development and at the same time help to achieve an appropriate level of language provision of this economic sector. Objectives of the study is to identify ways and means of singling out term derivation and productive models suffixation Ukrainian terms of personnel management. Because terminology HR selectes recently, the industry needs its own body of knowledge of terms that has to grow and improve. Therefore, there is a need to periodically obtain new language tools for the category of objects, phenomena and processes of the areas that naturally arise in the course of its development. In the article, the word-formative organization of Ukrainian terms of personnel management specifically those formed by means of a suffix is explored. Major tendencies of term-formation suffix means are identified, and the most productive models of suffixation are analyzed. Investigated what suffixes is one of the main ways of formation of Ukrainian terms of personnel management, suffixes derivational formants many and varied. Suffixes, joining mainly to verb, noun, adjectival bases to form new words to describe different concepts in the field of personnel management.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Термін, словотвір, суфіксація, словотвірна модель (Term, term-formation, suffixation, and term-formation model)
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