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Ціннісні виміри соціокультурного буття людини в контексті аксіологічного дискурсу (Socio-cultural value dimensions of human existence in the context of the axiological discourse)

Гаєвська, С. ( S. Gayevskay) (2017) Ціннісні виміри соціокультурного буття людини в контексті аксіологічного дискурсу (Socio-cultural value dimensions of human existence in the context of the axiological discourse). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.20). pp. 8-12. ISSN 2312-7112

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У статті розглянуто ціннісні виміри людського буття в контексті сучасних соціокультурних трансформацій соціуму на основі аксіологічного дискурсу зміни аксіосфери культури. (The article discusses value dimension of human existence in the context of modern sociocultural transformations on the basis of the axiological discourse of change in the axiosphere of culture. Contemporary globalization processes are accompanied by instability and crisis and reassessment of values and value orientations, change the hierarchy of values. The essence of socio-cultural transformations of society is defined as the loss of humanity in the very foundations of industrial civilization, as an anthropological crisis (Mamardashvili). After all, the defining basis of the European socio-cultural traditions is worth of the human person that spoke and the criterion of public institutions, and determined the architectonics of the socio-cultural existence of individuals, its cultural matrix. The dominant value of a European-type culture has focused experience of searching and achievements of generations, served as a condition of the incarnation luminary foundations of social development. Value potential of cultural life allows you to distance yourself from destructive changes (not to be an apologist for reality), and to seek constructive ways to overcome them in all spheres of public life. Global crises are the result of inadequate social values and beliefs, and the fate of humanity was totally dependent on the values that will choose the next generation (Sperry) a Study of value dimensions of human existence in the context of contemporary social and cultural transformations and the specificity of axiological discourse outlines the problem of the value bases of cultural identification of man as the overcoming of various forms of exclusion (individual and culture). The lack of axiological component leads to the loss of certainty of human existence, relatives human relationships, and makes them able to cross the face of human. Postmodernism captures the full relatively axiosphere culture and the devaluation of the human in man, appears as the destruction of the foundations of civilized arrangement of human existence. In current anthropological discourse of the twentieth century, there is a vision of the human being, transcend. Losing that dimension, the man becomes on the brink of the human world. Transcendance like holding yourself in the space of a human appears as a collection of personality in the integrity of the self. That is, a crisis of identity occurs when there is a disintegration of the ideals and values that are dominant in society (E. Erikson), and individuals looking for their own identity, to ensure the recovery of their identity, to overcome internal entropy, to form their own order (E. Toffler). Value orientation is an essential characteristic of a person.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Цінність, антропологічна криза, культурна ідентифікація, трансцендування, культурний капітал (Value, anthropological crisis, cultural identity, transcending cultural capital)
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