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Stages of gender education in canadian secondary schools

Zhukovsky, V. (В. Жуковський) and Костюк, О. (O. Kostiuk) (2015) Stages of gender education in canadian secondary schools. Comparative Professional Pedagogy (5(2)). pp. 31-38.

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The article deals with the issue o f educational preconditions o f gender education formation and development in Canadian secondary schools. On the basis o f conducted scientific and pedagogical literature analysis it has been determined that gender education has undergone three main stages and is currently developing during its fourth, modern period. The research is focused on different aspects o f gender education in Canadian schools, namely the objectives, principles, methods, content and means. The transformation dynamics o f the aforementioned gender education dimensions at each stage has been examined. It has been concluded that the objectives o f gender education in Canadian secondary schools have considerably evolved since 1960’s; the methods and means o f teaching students about gender have become more versatile and relevant to the requirements o f the present-day informational technology society; the content o f gender education has extended its scope. The provision o f gender education in secondary educational establishments in Canada has transformedfrom a haphazard "add women and stir ” approach to a more consistent manner, which demands availability o f certain policies (gender equity policy, anti-discrimination policy, safe schools policy) and codes o f conduct in action at schools; integration o f gender equity issues into different subject courses across the curriculum, as well as introducing separate fully-fledged courses, like “ Women's Studies ", “M en's Studies ”, “Gender Studies

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Uncontrolled Keywords: gender education, sex-role stereotypes, gender equity, equal opportunities, equal access
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